Community Board No. 3, Manhattan, New York City

SLA Committee Guidelines & Forms

1. Community Board 3 Policies

CB 3 Policy on Public Benefit Consideration in 500 Foot Applications

CB 3 Administrative Approval Policy

CB 3 General Policies Regarding SLA Applications

CB 3 Liquor License Policy Handbook

2. CB 3 Best Practices for Licensed Businesses

3. SLA Committee: Liquor License Application Package

4. New York State Liquor Authority Policies

SLA "Measuring the Distance" The 200 and 500 Foot Rules 

SLA Information Regarding Transfer Applications

Link to SLA Liquor License Map

5. NYC Regualtions Regarding Dancing

How to address nightlife noise complaints

CB 3 Guide to 311 Commercial Noise Complaints Research

Summary of the new noise code (PDF)

Complete text of the noise code (PDF)

Noise Code Penalty Schedule 15 RCNY §31-115 (PDF)

Requirements and Standards for Commercial Music

Commercial Music Mitigation Rules

Commercial Music Variance

Noise Control Guidance for Nightlife Industry

Joint CB 1,2,3 forum with SLA re liquor license information for community boards

SLA Fields Community Board Questions - Summer 2014