Community Board No. 3, Manhattan, New York City

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CB 3 Policy on Public Benefit Consideration in 500 Foot Applications

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CB 3 Restrictions for Liquor Licenses in Oversaturated Areas 

CB 3 Liquor License Policy Handbook

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SLA "Measuring the Distance" The 200 and 500 Foot Rules 

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CB 3 Guide to 311 Commercial Noise Complaints Research

Summary of the new noise code (PDF)

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Noise Code Penalty Schedule 15 RCNY §31-115 (PDF)

Requirements and Standards for Commercial Music
Under Local Law 113 for the year 2005, the new Noise Control Code was adopted. Amongst the many changes the new law brought into effect was the establishment of standards and procedures to reduce noise from commercial music. Rules have been adopted to set forth the requirements for avoiding imposition of a penalty for a first violation of the commercial music laws as well as the procedure to obtain a variance from the decibel limits in the Code for commercial music establishments and enterprises. Additionally, as nightclubs, restaurants, bars and cafes play an important role in the City’s economic development the DEP has developed a guidance document intended to assist those establishments that play music with information on a range of acoustical products, vendors, and professional services available to help control sound and vibration in their establishments and buildings. When applied properly, these acoustical tools may be helpful in reducing sound and vibration, and in achieving compliance with the New York City Noise Code, rules and regulations.

Commercial Music Mitigation Rules

Commercial Music Variance

Noise Control Guidance for Nightlife Industry

Joint CB 1,2,3 forum with SLA re liquor license information for community boards

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