Community Board No. 3, Manhattan, New York City

Capital Priorities for Fiscal Year 2013

1. Pier 42: reconstruction necessary to remove shed and maintain pier for public access for waterfront.
Explanation: Reconstruction & maintenance of this pier is an important element in the plan to reclaim and revitalize our waterfront.  Access to this pier is very important for waterfront access and usage.

2. Renovations at Catherine Street Family Shelter (DHS)
Explanation: This family shelter is in need of kitchen reconstruction and other improvements.

3. Backup generators for fire houses. A.  Engine 5 at 340 East 14th Street., B.  Engine 9 at 75 Canal Street., C. Engine 15 at 25 Pitt Street., D.   Engine 28 at 222 East 2nd Street E.  Engine 33 at 42 Great Jones Street.
Explanation: Hurricane Irene made us very aware of basic safety equipment needed to protect our community.

4. SDR Park: Reconstruct park pathways, adjacent brick walls and sidewalks.
Explanation:  The portion of park pathways and adjacent brick walls needs reconstruction

5. SDR Park: Reconstruct 1st floor of Stanton St. Park building (storehouse) to create community space and make bathroom in  accessible to the public
Explanation:  This building should be tuned over for community usage to increase recreational options and community gathering spaces in the district as this space is accessible and has a usable bathroom, features which poise it for appropriate use by the community in an area with a serious lack of community spaces.

6. Allen Pike Street malls - to provide funding for reconstruction for all malls (DPR)
Explanation:  Funding is necessary to complete the reconstruction of malls.

7. East River Park: replace artificial turf soccer field, provide proper drainage and install athletic lighting (DPR)
Explanation:  Artificial turf soccer field needs replacing.  Proper drainage and athletic
lighting needs to be installed.  There is a shortage of soccer fields in CB 3, which makes this very important.

8. East River Park: Repave pathway (service road) inside park along FDR Drive  (DPR)
Explanation: The existing ponding conditions inhibit the use by bicycles and pedestrians

9. SDR: Reconstruct Rivington St. Playground spray shower to remedy drainage problem (DPR)

10. Seward Park: Continue with reconstruction of the first municipally constructed and operated playground in the U. S. (DPR)

11. Seward Park: Renovation of parkhouse, including the main room, new boiler, plumbing for rear bathrooms and new windows, to make the building usable for community activities. (DPR)

12. Tanahey Playground: Reconstruct the basketball courts, hockey rink, and sitting area, including pavement, fences, benches, perimeter sidewalk and landscaping. (DPR)

13. Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center: Replace windows throughout. Reconstruction of locker rooms, bathrooms and adjacent areas including new plumbing, plumbing fixtures, partitions, lockers, tile work and floors. (DPR)

14. Continued Funding for HPD loan programs (HPD)
Explanation:  CB 3 continues to lose affordable housing - which is a priority in our community.  HPD loan programs are instrumental in preserving affording housing.

15. Corlears Hook Park: Reconstruct the comfort station including new windows, doors, fixtures and partitions, as well as new plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems.  The bathrooms would be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act so people with wheelchairs could use the facilities.  This comfort station would serve the new ballfield as well as East River Park and the nearby amphitheater. (DPR)

16. Baruch Playground:  Reconstruct the comfort station, including new windows, doors, fixtures and partitions as well as new plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems.  The bathrooms would be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act so people with wheelchairs could use the facilities. (DPR)

17. Hamilton Fish Recreation Center:  Replace the roof over the lifeguard room.  Upgrade the air conditioning system and alarm systems. (DPR)

18. McKinley Playground: Rehabilitate the playground with new play equipment, pavement, sidewalks, spray shower, new fence and update the comfort station. (DPR)

19. Tompkins Square Park: Renovation of the playground on Avenue B and 7th Street. (DPR)

20. Equipment: Purchase a Toolcat multi-purpose vehicle, including snow plow, snow brush, cleaning brush and front-end loader bucket.  (DPR)

21. Tompkins Square Park: Install an in-ground mini-pool, including decking and fencing. (DPR)

22. Chatham Square Branch: HVAC Replacement, ADA Compliance, Upgrade ADA lift/small elevated and replace HVAC. (NYPL)

23. Hamilton Fish Park Branch: Partial Renovation and Systems, HVAC replacement including steam lines. Entry rehabilitation and window replacement of Interior spaces (including ADA compliance), new furniture and equipment (NYPL)

24. Ottendorfer Branch Rehabilitate front façade. Replace all windows (landmark bldg.) Replace all windows (landmarked bldg.) and rehabilitate front façade (NYPL)

25. Seward Park Branch Sidewalk Vault Rehabilitation Facility requires new sidewalk over vault and waterproofing. (NYPL)

26. Tompkins Square Branch Exterior/Interior Renovation Renovate interior spaces, new HVAC, electrical upgrade, ceiling, windows, rehabilitate, rear façade/parapet and foyer/entry (NYPL)

27. Luther Guilick Park—continued support of funding to reconstruct park p24