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Community Board 3 Calendar


This calendar is subject to change, please confirm at CB3 website

Economic Development Committee
Wednesday, March 8 at 6:30pm -- Village View, Community Room - 175 East 4th Street (btwn 1st Ave & Ave A)

1.    Approval of previous month's minutes
2.    SBS resource package for new small businesses (click for info)
3.    Essex Street Market update from LES Partnership
4.    Vote to adjourn

Health, Seniors, & Human Services / Youth, Education, & Human Rights Committee
Thursday, March 9 at 6:30pm -- BRC Senior Services Center - 30 Delancey Street (btwn Chrystie & Forsyth Sts)

1.    Approval of previous month's minutes
2.    Assessing needs of CB 3 senior centers with BRC, Henry Street Settlement, Sirovich, University Settlement Senior Centers
3.    Requested support for 3 state budget items: funding for NORCs, settlement houses, and senior centers (click for info)
4.    Beginning discussion of CB 3 position regarding immigration policies
5.    Planning for District Needs: areas and questions
6.    Vote to adjourn

Public Housing & Section 8 Housing Subcommittee
Thursday, March 9 at 6:30pm -- Smith Houses Community Room - 15 St James Place (Rear)

1.    Approval of previous month's minutes
2.    Status of state funding for NYCHA
3.    Request for support: state funding for NYCHA should be allocated directly to NYCHA, not through Dormitory Authority of State of NY (click for info)
4.    Section 8 out-of-schedule recertification of documents
5.    Subcommittee scheduling and topics
6.    Vote to adjourn

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, March 13 at 6:30pm -- Thelma Burdick Community Room - 10 Stanton Street (corner of Bowery)

Please Note:  Applicants must submit withdrawals and residents must submit materials and agreements by Friday before meeting at noon.

1.    Approval of previous month's minutes
Applications within Saturated Areas
2.    To be Determined, 129-131 Ave C (op)
Sidewalk Cafe Applications
3.    Sauce (Sauce Management LLC), 78 Rivington St
4.    Poco (Becaf LLC), 33 Ave B
20.    Mamak (Love Mamak Corp), 174 2nd Ave
21.    Vandal (Bowery Hospitality Associates LLC), 199 Bowery
5.    Vintage B Inc, 56-58 Ave B (aka: 235-237 E 4th St) (wb/alt/change closing time to 1am)
New Liquor License Applications
6.    Monomono Inc, 116 E 4th St (wb) - EXPEDITED APPLICATION
7.    L'espece O cafe (Hester Collective LLC), 61 Hester St (wb)
8.    Fresh Press Cafe LLC, 77 2nd Ave (op) (wb)
9.    To be Determined, 140 1st Ave (op)
10.    RSVP Hospitality LLC, 11 E 1st St (op)
11.    Novo Partners, 57 2nd Ave (op)
12.    Hill and Dale, 115 Allen St (op)
13.    Fifth Elephant LLC, 87 Ludlow St (op)
14.    Burgers and Chismis LLC, 143 Orchard St (op)
15.    Mandolino Inc, 137 E 13th St (op)
16.    Ummburger (Umm Hospitality Inc), 99 1st Ave (op)
17.    Hi Collar (Sobaya Restaurant Inc), 214 E 10th St (upgrade to op)
18.    To be Determined, 136-138 Division St (op)
Items not heard at Committee
19.    Xi'an Famous Food (Liao de Hen Inc), 45 Bayard St (wb)
22.    Vote to adjourn

b=beer & cider | wb=wine, beer & cider | op=liquor, wine, beer & cider | alt=alterations

Arts & Cultural Affairs Subcommittee
Monday, March 13 at 6:30pm -- Theater for the New City - 155 First Avenue (btwn E 9th & 10th Sts)

1.    Approval of previous month's minutes
2.    Swiss Institute Introduction: cultural center to be located at corner of Second Ave/St Marks
3.    Review comments on US Dept of Arts & Culture Policy and draft resolution in support
4.    Update of Create NYC plan with report on Meeting with DCA Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl at Downtown Arts on February 17, 2017
5.    Informational presentation for Dance parade: May 20
6.    Vote to adjourn

Transportation & Public Safety / Environment Committee
Tuesday, March 14 at 6:45pm -- Downtown Art, 1st Floor Theater - 70 East 4th Street
-- meeting cancel due to expected snowstorm --

1.    Approval of previous month's minutes
2.    Request to make Clinton Street one-way northbound
3.    DOT presentation: Delancey Street Bike Lane
4.    DOT presentation: Water St and Gouverneur St Slip E/W and Cherry St improvements
5.    Planning for agenda topics
6.    Vote to adjourn

Land Use, Zoning, Public & Private Housing Committee
Wednesday, March 15 at 6:30pm -- Grand Street Guild, Community Room - 131 Broome Street
1.    Approval of previous month's minutes
2.    EIS scoping statement prep (click here for info regarding EIS from Sept 2016 meeting)
3.    BSA 132-04-BZ: at 310 E Houston Street: amend zoning variance for commercial ground floor use of  proposed six-story, mixed-use development (click for info)
4.    BSA 143-01-BZ: at 348 E 9th St: amendment to prior resolution to extend the term of the variance; to extend the time to obtain a CO; and to legalize the existing veterinary office storage on the first floor
5.    Request for support for state Home Stability Support program, a rent supplement program to combat homelessness (information sheet) (presentation)
6.    Chinatown Neighborhood Plan update
7.    Creation of a  housing application checklist
8.    Report from Public Housing & Section 8 Housing Subcommittee
9.    Vote to adjourn

Parks, Recreation, Cultural Affairs, & Waterfront Committee
Thursday, March 16 at 6:30pm -- BRC Senior Services Center - 30 Delancey Street (btwn Chrystie & Forsyth Sts)
1.    Approval of previous month's minutes
2.    Parks presentation of Stanton St bathroom design
3.    LES harm reduction—overview of park activities
4.    EDC and Basketball City: transportation and parking issues associated with waterfront events, activities
5.    Report from Arts & Cultural Affairs Subcommittee
Block Party
6.    Dance parade—overview of parade and support for Tompkins Square Park concert on May 20 3-7:00 pm
7.    Vote to adjourn

Landmarks Committee
Tuesday, March 21 at 6:30pm -- JASA/Green Residence - 200 East 5th Street at Bowery
please see website for all landmark agenda items
please check website to confirm meeting

Executive Committee
Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 6:30pm
Community Board 3 Office, 59 East 4th Street

1.    Policy regarding CB 3 distribution of translated materials
2.    Social media policy

Community Board 3, Full Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 6:30pm
PS 20 - 166 Essex Street (E Houston & Stanton Sts)

March 21 is the last day for the public to submit April agenda items

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