Community Board No. 2, Manhattan, New York City



The committee meets quarterly to review the treasurer's report and to review expenses with the board's district manager.  It also addresses budget priorities. 



The committee generally meets the second Tuesday and Thursday of the month at 6:30.

The committee reviews applications and complaints regarding new liquor licenses, transfer or alteration of an existing liquor license; and license renewals. It also meets in August if there are applications.  All liquor license resolutions are subject to review and authorization by the New York State Liquor Authority.

In addition, the committee deals with Business Improvement District (BID) modifications or expansions.



This is an ad hoc committee that convenes at the suggestion of the board chair to review, periodically, the board's by-laws and develop suggested revisions.



The committee works on issues pertaining to sanitation, environmental protection, health and mental hygiene; also police and fire safety. The mandate is to be pro-active in addressing community concerns.



The committee provides a forum for the large institutions within CB2 to present their plans and ideas for any development, programmatic or other events that will effect the community. Coverage includes universities, hospitals, schools, and libraries, religious and social institutions.

It gives the community and the board an opportunity to review, comment and have input on various proposals at an early stage with the purpose of protecting the public interest.



The committee votes on applications to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for new construction, renovation, restoration or alteration on landmarked buildings. It also deals with legalization of work done without a permit, reconfiguration of historic streets and sidewalks, and designation of new historic districts or individual landmarks.

It also reviews applications pertinent to art and aesthetics under the jurisdiction of the Arts Commission, such as public art.



The committee reviews plans and proposals regarding all the public space in CB2. It also reviews other properties operated or maintained by the Parks Department, including the D'Apolito Recreation Center, Greenstreets plantings, street trees and public plazas.Where possible, the committee promotes the creation of new public open space.

Also, the committee focuses on the development of Hudson River Park from Canal Street to 14th Street. There is concern in general about the operation and management of the park, as well as the development of Pier 40 at West Houston Street and the Gansevoort Peninsula at 14th Street.



The committee meets when necessary. It is composed of the board's six officers and the former board chair. It creates the process by which the board chooses its district manager, supervises and reviews the performance of the district manager, and assists the DM in hiring, supervising and reviewing the performance of all staff members.



The committee generally meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30.  It also meets in August if there are applications.

The committee primarily reviews applications and complaints regarding sidewalk cafes, with resolutions going to the Department of Consumer Affairs, with additional review by the City Council as needed.  It also reviews applications for newsstands, street furniture, sidewalk plaques, stoops or bus shelters; in short, any incursions on sidewalk access.

Photos and images of sidewalk cafe and other plans can be found on the CB2 Sidewalks Committee Picasa album:
Photos are in folders corresponding to the month in which the application for a new or renewal item is being heard. Images of the plans for sidewalk cafes and other approved sidewalk uses can be found in the "Plans" folder in the album.

Also, the committee reviews applications and complaints on street festivals, block parties, and other street and sidewalk closures. It is also examines the impact of movie production as well as street parades in our community.

Street festivals dominate the committee's agenda and all resolutions are sent to the Street Activity Permit Office and the Office of Citywide Events Coordination and Management whose approvals are required.



The committee discusses issues relating to the needs of important groups and institutions including youth, seniors, LGBT community and schools. It deals with other serious problems facing the disabled, HIV/AIDS victims and families, recovering substance abuse users and immigrants.  The committee works with social service specialists, city agencies and elected officials.  



The committee addresses the design, planning, operation and regulation of pedestrian, motor vehicle, public and bicycle traffic and transportation.

Some of the major topics include: parking, roadbed and sidewalk planning; signage, issues and enforcement.  



The committee generally meets the second Thursday of the month at 6:30. It also meets in August if there are applications.

The committee holds public hearings on an assortment of land-use applications. Resolutions are sent to the City Planning Commission or Board of Standards and Appeals. The committee works closely with city agencies and local public figures.

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