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*PUBLIC HEARINGS are noted with asterisks.  MEETINGS AT THE COMMUNITY BOARD OFFICE ARE AT 3 WASHINGTON SQUARE VILLAGE, AT THE BOARD OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM ADJACENT TO SUITE 1A.  Calendar is subject to change, so we suggest that individuals visit our website [] regularly for updates.   At all meetings, additional items may be raised as "New Business."

SLA LICENSING 1 Cormac Flynn, Co-Chair and Robert Ely, Co-Chair
Tues., 9/3 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St., Lower Hall

1a.*     Applications to the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) for Corporate Change Application to existing Restaurant Wine (RW), Tavern Wine (TW) or Full Liquor On-Premise (OP) Licenses:
  • Gino Sorbillo, LLC d/b/a Gino Sorbillo, 334 Bowery 10012 (OP – Restaurant)
1b.*     Applications to the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) for Alteration Application to existing Restaurant Wine (RW), Tavern Wine (TW) or Full Liquor On-Premise (OP) Licenses:
  • CGM LLNR, LLC d/b/a Asia De Cuba, 415 Lafayette St. 10003 (OP – Restaurant/Lounge) (relocate bar and change layout) (method of operation change with downstairs lounge, live music, DJs, Comedy/spoken word performance and new food concept) (withdrawn – will resubmit)
1c.*     Apps. to the SLA for New License for Restaurant Wine (RW) or Tavern Wine (TW):
  • New Istanbul Grill Corp. d/b/a N/A, 310 West 14th St. 10014 (RW – Restaurant)
  • The RealReal Corp. d/b/a The RealReal, 80 Wooster St. 10012 (RW – Café within retail store with exterior service to patio) (laid over)
  • Pelicana E8St, Inc., d/b/a Pelicana Chicken, 50-54 E. 8th St. Unit St-7 10003 (RW – Restaurant) (laid over)
  • FGC 24 E12, LLC d/b/a Fields Good Chicken, 88 University Pl. 10003 (RW – Restaurant)
  • Green Garden Village, Inc., d/b/a Green Garden Village, 214-216 Grand St. 10013 (RW – Restaurant) (laid over)
  • Areppas 3, LLC d/b/a Areppas, 25 Cleveland Pl. 10012 (RW – Restaurant)
  • TXOKAO, LLC d/b/a Haizea, 142 Sullivan St. 10012 (RW – Bar/Tavern)
1d.*     Apps. to the SLA for New License for Full Liquor On-Premise (OP):
  • 20X Hospitality, LLC d/b/a Spicy Moon Vegan Szechuan, 68 W. 3rd St. 10012 (OP – Restaurant)
  • Citizens of Bleecker, LLC d/b/a N/A, Portion of 155 Bleecker St. 10012 (OP – Restaurant) (laid over)
  • Ecib of SoHo, LLC d/b/a Bice Cucina, 15 Watts St. 10013 (OP – Restaurant)
  • Restaurant Associates, LLC d/b/a N/A, 101 Avenue of the Americas, Floor 15-23, 10013 (OP – Catering Facility – Private events only) (include patio) (already heard)
  • Gino Sorbillo, LLC d/b/a Gino Sorbillo, 334 Bowery 10012 (OP – Restaurant) (Class Change – Upgrade to OP from RW) (laid over to November)
FYI – Mulberry Street Mall/ San Gennaro:
  • Pomadoro Ristorante & Pizzeria, Inc., d/b/a Pomadoro Pizzeria, 51 Spring St. 10012 (RW – Restaurant)
  • Elmer Kennedy, LLC d/b/a Pasquale Jones, 86 Kenmare St. 10012 (RW – Restaurant)
  • Tomino, LLC, d/b/a N/A, 192 Grand St. 10013 (OP - Restaurant)
FYI Renewals: The Four Faced Liar, 165 W. 4th St. (OP); Mermaid Oyster Bar, 79-81 MacDougal St. South Store (OP); Ristorante Luna, 115 Mulberry St. (RW); The Clam, 420 Hudson St. (OP); IL Piccolo Bufalo, 141 Mulberry St. (OP); Marumi Corporation, 546 LaGuardia Pl. (RW); Don Angie, 103 Greenwich Ave. (OP); Slice, The Perfect Food, 535 Hudson St. (RW); Creative Edge Parties Caterers, 666 Greenwich St. (OP); Trattoria Pesce Pasta, 262 Bleecker St. (RW); Ramen-Ya, 181 W. 4th St. (RW); IL Cantinori, 32 East 10th St. (OP); Sant Ambroeus, 265 Lafayette St. (OP); Sant Ambroeus, 259 W. 4th St. (OP); Sushi Para 88, 212 W.14th St. (RW); Magic Lemon Inc., 181 Bleecker St. (OP); Emmett’s, 50 MacDougal St. (RW); Bar Giacosa Corp., 268 Ave. of the Americas (RW); Ruby’s, 219C Mulberry St. (RW); Mooncake Foods, 28 Watts St. (RW); Rintintin, 14 Spring St. (OP); MacDougal Street Ale House, 122 MacDougal St. (OP); Da Gennaro, 129 Mulberry St. (OP); Grey Dog, 244 Mulberry St., No. Store (RW); New York Manhattan/SoHo Courtyard By Marriott, 181 Varick St. (OP); Amity Hall, 80 W. 3rd St. (OP); Blue Ribbon Sushi, 119 Sullivan St. (RW); Barrow Street Ale House, 15 Barrow St. (OP); Sakura Sushi & Thai Cuisine, 273 Mott St. (OP); SoHo Cigar Bar, 32 Watts St. (OP); Jekyll and Hyde, 91 7th Ave. So. (OP); Bleecker Street Bar, 58 Bleecker St. (OP); Think Coffee, 1 Bleecker St. (RW); Due West, 189 West 10th St. (OP); Think Coffee, 73 8th Ave. (RW); Bagatelle, 208 Ninth Ave, aka 1 Little West 12th St. (OP); Dante, 79-81 MacDougal St. North Store and 83-85 MacDougal St., South Store (OP); Bar Pitti, 268 Ave. of the Americas (RW); Local Shop Inc., 144 Sullivan St. (RW); Mimi, 185 Sullivan St. (OP)

**Please contact the Board office if you have an issue with these applications or if you wish to request to have them placed on the agenda for this meeting. Request must be made at least one week before the committee meeting.

Robin Rothstein, Chair
Tues., 9/3 @ 6:30 PM – Whitney Museum of American Art, 99 Gansevoort Street, 3rd Floor Art Space Classroom (Enter through the museum’s main entrance on Gansevoort.)
  1. Public Art Fund will present information on its upcoming outdoor exhibition called Conquest, This will be the artist Pope.L’s largest group performance that will be taking place in various parts of the West Village and Greenwich Village on September 21st.
  2. The Whitney will present information on two projects: The public art installation Day’s End by David Hammons and Kara Walker’s Katastwof Karavan.
  3. A discussion regarding arts-focused requests for the FY21 budget and a review of the committee's previous requests.

Robert Ely, Co-Chair and Cormac Flynn, Co-Chair
Thurs., 9/5 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St., Lower Hall

1a.*     Applications to the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) for Alteration Application to existing Restaurant Wine (RW), Tavern Wine (TW) or Full Liquor On-Premise (OP) Licenses:

  • Schatzi Corp., d/b/a Wallse, 342-344 West 11th St. aka 713 Washington St. 10014 (OP – Restaurant with sidewalk cafe)
1b.*     Apps. to the SLA for New License for Restaurant Wine (RW) or Tavern Wine (TW):
  • HVI & Yuri, Inc., d/b/a Sushi Terv, 615 ½ Hudson St. 10014 (RW – Restaurant)
  • 230 Varick Taco Bell, LLC d/b/a Taco Bell Cantina, 230 Varick St. 10014 (RW – Restaurant)
1c.*     Apps. to the SLA for New License for Full Liquor On-Premise (OP):
  • VV&V Brothers 95 7th Ave. South Corp. d/b/a N/A, 95 7th Ave. South 10014 (Transfer of OP – Restaurant) (withdrawn)
  • 161W4 Hospitality, LLC d/b/a TBD, 161 W. 4th St. 10014 (New OP – Café and Cocktail Bar)
  • Bruschetta Bar 1, LLC d/b/a Bruschetta Bar, 94-96 Christopher St. 10014 (OP – Restaurant with service to exterior backyard patio) (laid over)
  • Hiru, LLC d/b/a Lena, 10-12 Morton St. 10014 (OP – Restaurant)
  • Patrick Sheeran or Entity to be formed, d/b/a Pending, 234 W. 14th St. 10011 (OP – Sports bar/Tavern) (withdrawn – will resubmit)
  • Aunt Connie, LLC d/b/a Pending, 2 Bank St. aka 81 Greenwich Ave. 10014 (OP – Restaurant with service to sidewalk cafe)
  • Amber Sushi, LLC d/b/a Amber 135 Christopher St. 10014 (OP – Restaurant)
1d.*    New Applications for Farm Brewer, Micro Brewer & Combined Craft Manufacturer:
  • Torch & Crown SoHo, LLC d/b/a Torch & Crown Brewing Company, 161 Avenue of the Americas 10013, with exterior beer garden. (laid over)
1e.*     Review of Method of Operation:
  • Piccola Cucina Enoteca, 184 Prince St. 10012 (RW – Restaurant/Wine Bar) (laid over)

Shirley Secunda, Chair
Thurs., 9/5 @ 6:30 PM -
Grace Church School, 86 Fourth Ave., Tuttle Hall
  1. *Request for installation of speed humps on Jane St. btw. Greenwich and 8th Aves.
  2. *Request for a "No Standing Zone" in front of 76 Crosby St. (btw. Spring and Prince Sts.
  3. *Request for safety measures to protect pedestrians crossing Greenwich Ave. from dangerous vehicular right turns from W. 13th St. onto Greenwich Ave.

Joseph Gallagher, Chair
Mon., 9/9 @ 6:30 PM- The New School, 63 Fifth Avenue, Hoerle Lecture Hall, UL 105

1.* New Application for revocable consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café for:
  • Bosie, LLC d/b/a N/A, 506 LaGuardia Pl., with 6 tables and 12 chairs (9603-2019-ASWC)
2.* Discussion of a proposal by NYC Small Business Services to streamline the sidewalk cafe licensing process by eliminating the legally-required public hearing conducted by the Department of Consumer Affairs.
3.* Discussion of DCA's proposal to amend its Sidewalk Cafe Design and Regulations Guide so that businesses would no longer be required to remove the tables and chairs from the sidewalk when the sidewalk cafe closes.   

4. * Street Activities Applications:

  • 9/20/19 – 9/21/19 (Setup: 9/19/19 & Breakdown: 9/22/19) – Allied Global Marketing Amazon Treasure Truck Promotion: Wooster St. between Prince St. and Spring St. [curb lane only]
  • 9/20/19 – Charlotte Tilbury (Sweetery Corp.): 1) Broadway between Prince St. and Spring St. [curb lane only]; 2) Broadway between West Houston St. and Prince St. [curb lane only]
  • 9/21/19 – Spring Street Yeezy 350 V2 Non-Reflective Citrin Cloud S Shoe Release (Werner Hellmann): Spring St. between Mercer St. and Greene St. [partial sidewalk closure]
  • 9/21/19 – Yeezy 350 V2 Non-Reflective Citrin Cloud (Werner Hellmann): East Houston St. between Broadway and Crosby St. [partial sidewalk closure]
  • 9/28/19 – Spring Street Yeezy 700 V2 Hospital Blue Shoe Release (Werner Hellmann): Spring St. between Greene St. and Mercer St. [partial sidewalk closure]
  • 9/28/19 – 9/29/19 – Brazzers Backroom VHS (THNK1994, LLC): Canal St. between Broadway and Church St. [partial sidewalk Closure]
  • 10/5/19 – Crosby Street Event (IDEKO Production): Crosby St. between Broome St. and Grand St. [full street closure] (withdrawn)
  • 10/5/19 – SoHo Block Party (NYC Strut Organization): Sullivan St. between Prince St. and Spring St. [full street closure]
  • 10/5/19 – Rally Rd Block Party (ideko): Lafayette St. between Prince St. and Spring St. [full street closure] (withdrawn)
 FYI/ Street Activities Renewals:
  • 10/19/19 – Tavern on Jane 22nd Annual Block Party (Jane Street Block Association): Jane St. between Hudson St. and 8 Ave. [full street closure]
FYI / Sidewalk Café Renewals:
  • Atla Lafayette, LLC d/b/a N/A, 372 Lafayette St. with 13 tables and 38 chairs (2049839-DCA)
  • Garden Café Associates, LLC d/b/a B Bar & Grill, 40 E. 4th St. with 5 tables and 20 chairs (1381793-DCA)
  • J.P.G. LLC d/b/a Philip Marie, 569 Hudson St. with 9 tables and 18 chairs (1003313-DCA)
  • La Mela Ristorante Italiano, Inc. d/b/a N/A, 167 Mulberry St. with 9 tables and 19 chairs (1274929-DCA)

Jeannine Kiely, Chair   
Mon., 9/9 @ 6:30 PM- Little Red School House, 272 Sixth Avenue, Auditorium 
  1. *Discussion of funding for screening, teacher training and curriculum development to serve the educational needs of students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities.
  2. Discussion of New York State's Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework, approved in March 2019, and the DOE’s definition of Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education, approved in July 2019.
  3. *Update on the DOE’s lead-based paint safety protocol and remediation in CB 2 schools.

Rich Caccappolo, Chair
Tues., 9/10 @ 6:30 PM- MS 297, 75 Morton St., Cafeteria
  1. *Discussion of the design concepts for Gansevoort Peninsula section of Hudson River Park presented at our July meeting.

Anita Brandt, Co-Chair and Frederica Sigel, Co-Chair
Wed., 9/11@ 6:30 PM- The Grace Church School, 86 Fourth Avenue, Tuttle Hall

  1. *503 Broadway (between Broome and Prince Sts.) – DCP 190265 ZSM is an application for a special permit pursuant to ZR 74-922 to legalize the conversion of 14,005 sf of floor area on the second floor of the condominium. The special permit would allow for the extension of Use Group 10A large retail establishment on the Condominium’s ground floor and cellar levels to include the second floor. 
  2. *678 Broadway (Between Bond and Great Jones Streets) - BSA Cal No 2019-163- BZ is an application for a new special permit to allow the operation of a physical culture establishment (PCE) called the Bar Method to be located on the second floor, pursuant ZR 73-36.

Chenault Spence, Chair
Thurs., 9/12 @ 6:30 PM- The Grace Church School, 86 Fourth Avenue, Tuttle Hall
  1. *534 Hudson St. – Application is to replace existing cooling tower with same in-kind tower. (laid over)
  2. *12 Wooster St. - Application is to install and elevator with the shaft enclosure extending above the roof.
  3. *19 Washington Sq. No. - Application is to replace windows on the primary facade at the rear of the building (19 MacDougal Alley). (laid over)
  4. *841 Broadway - Application is to establish a Master Plan for storefront infill and signage at the ground      floor of the Broadway and E. 13th St. facades.
  5. *770 Broadway – Application is to modify exterior openings (louvres and windows), and install rooftop mechanical equipment. 
  6. *154 Grand St. – Application is to legalize the construction of a storefront infill and interior construction done without LPC permits.  (will be reviewed at staff level)
  7. *21 Greenwich Ave. - Application is to restore the facade and install a rooftop addition, demolish an adjacent one-story building, and construct a new building.

Carter Booth, Chair   
Tues., 9/17 @ 6:30 PM- CB 2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village

Carter Booth, Chair  
Thurs., 9/19 @ 6:30 PM- Scholastic Building, 130 Mercer St., Auditorium


Susanna Aaron, Chair  
Thurs., 9/26 @ 6:30 PM -
CB2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Sq. Village
  1. *Discussion with Greenwich House on recent initiatives for seniors and budgetary profile.
  2. *Discussion with LGBT Center on its social services programs and budgetary profile. (withdrawn)


The following committees are not meeting in September:
  • Elizabeth Street Garden Working Group
  • Economic Development & Small Business Committee

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