Community Board No. 2, Manhattan, New York City


MAY 2015

*PUBLIC HEARINGS are noted with asterisks.  MEETINGS AT THE COMMUNITY BOARD OFFICE ARE AT 3 WASHINGTON SQUARE VILLAGE, AT THE BOARD OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM ADJACENT TO SUITE 1A.  Calendar is subject to change, so we suggest that individuals visit our website [] regularly for updates.   At all meetings, additional items may be raised as "New Business".

PARKS/WATERFRONT Richard Caccappolo, Chair
Wed., 5/6@ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 520
  1. Update from Friends of High Line on upcoming events and activities.
  2. Presentation by Hudson River Park Trust about signage planned within the Park.

Shirley Secunda, Chair
Thurs., 5/7 @6:30 PM- NYU Building, 194 Mercer Street, room 203
  1. *Presentation of Move NY plan for fair tolling and improved transit options and investments.

Maria Passannante Derr, Chair
Mon., 5/11 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Meyer Building, 4 Washington Pl., Room 121

1.*  Renewal App. for revocable consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk cafe for:
  • 14 Spring Street Café LLC, 14 Spring St., with 2 tables 8 chairs (1469471-DCA)
2.*  New App. for revocable consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk cafe for:
  • Mirtos Restaurant Inc., d/b/a Village Den Restaurant, 225 W. 12th St., with 8 tables & 16 chairs (3991-2015-ASWC)
  • 86 St AA LLC, d/b/a SoHo Room, 203 Spring St., with 8 tables & 16 chairs (4441-2015-ASWC)
  • Nourish New York LLC, d/b/a Nourish Kitchen and Table, 95 Greenwich Ave., with 3 tables & 6 chairs (4323-2015-ASWC)
  • Culinary Concepts Hospitality Group LLC, d/b/a Spice Market, 29 9th Ave., with 13 tables & 26 chairs (4502-2015-ASWC)
  • Margherita Corporation, d/b/a Margherita, 197 Grand St., with 4 tables & 8 chairs (4612-2015-ASWC)
  • Genuine Grand St NYC LLC, d/b/a Genuine Roadside, 191 Grand St., with 15 tables & 30 chairs (4437-2015-ASWC)
  • Rohart Inc., d/b/a Clarkson Restaurant, 225 Varick St., with 12 tables & 28 chairs (5704-2015-ASWC)
  • South Village Hospitality Group LLC, d/b/a Carroll Place, 157 Bleecker St., with 1 table & 10 chairs (5913-2015-ASWC)  (laid over)
FYI Sidewalk Café Renewals:
  • Da Silvano Corp., d/b/a Da Silvano, 260 Avenue of America, Front, with 26 tables & 55 chairs (1187717-DCA)
  • 164 Mulberry St. Corp., d/b/a Da Nico Restaurant, 164 Mulberry St., with 4 tables & 8 chairs (0949447-DCA)
  • Caliente Cab Rest. Co., Inc., d/b/a Caliente Cab Co., 61 7th Ave. S., with 42 tables & 84 chairs (0670525-DCA) 
  • Nilo Inc. & Viola Consulting LLC, d/b/a Messogiorno Assoc., 195 Spring St., with 11 tables & 22 chairs (0832737-DCA)
  • Cowgirl Inc., d/b/a Cowgirl and Bar K, 519 Hudson St., with 11 tables & 22 chairs (0919917-DCA)
  • ASC Inc., d/b/a La Nonna, 134 Mulberry St., with 6 tables & 12 chairs (1208521-DCA)
  • Gadberry Pizza Inc., d/b/a Bleecker Street Pizza, 69 7th Ave. S., with 3 tables & 6 chairs (1183527-DCA)
  • Eli-Lilla, Inc., 385 Broome St., with 9 tables & 22 chairs (1388457-DCA)
  • Apicio LLC, d/b/a Tertulia, 359 Avenue of the Americas, with 5 tables & 10 chairs (1414241-DCA)
  • GMT New York LLC, d/b/a GMT Tavern, 142 Bleecker St., with 24 tables & 51 chairs (1382861-DCA)
  • St. Jude Enterprises LLC, d/b/a Benito One, 174 Mulberry St., with 4 tables & 8 chairs (1394721-DCA)
  • Francis Louis LLC, d/b/a Frankie’s 570 Spuntino, 570 Hudson St., with 11 tables & 31 chairs (1387557-DCA)
  • Karavas Food Ltd, d/b/a Karavas Place Tavern, 164 W. 4th St., with 10 tables & 21 chairs (1001562-DCA)
  • ASA Inc., d/b/a La Nonna, 143 Mulberry St., with 6 tables & 12 chairs (1208521-DCA)
  • Greenwich Village Bistro Ltd., d/b/a Greenwich Village Bistro, 13 Carmine St. Front A, with 9 tables and 18 chairs (1030835-DCA)
  • Macelleria Restaurant Inc, d/b/a Macelleria, 48 Gansevoort St., with 9 tables & 18 chairs (1188887-DCA)
  • D.E.L. Inc., d/b/a Alexander, 455 Hudson St., with 10 tables 20 chairs (1192285-DCA)
  • Red Mulberry Ltd., d/b/a Sambuca’s, 105 Mulberry St., with 10 tables & 20 chairs (1158751-DCA)
  • Kings 55 Group Inc., d/b/a Le Philosophe, 55 Bond St., with 7 tables 14 chairs (1470765-DCA)
  • Andikiana Corp., 490 Laguardia Pl., with 16 tables & 32 chairs (0941701-DCA)
  • Piacere Enterprises LLC, d/b/a Piacere, 351 Broome St., with 8 tables & 24 chairs (1458267-DCA)
3.*  Street Activity Applications:
  • 6/7/15 – Westbeth Kids’ Groove Block Party, Bank St. between Washington St. and West St. (withdrawn)
  • 6/18/15 – Hudson Park Library Summer Reading Kick-off Block Party, Leroy St. between 7th Ave. South and Hudson St. 
  • 6/20/15 – NYC Exotics Night Car Show, 1) 9th Ave. between W. 13th St. and W. 14th St., 2) 9th Ave. between W. 13th St. and Little W. 12th St. 
  • 7/24/15 – 7/25/15 – DATLOOK Summer Block Party, Howard St. between Broadway and Mercer St. (withdrawn)
FYI Street Activity Renewals:
  • 8/1/15 – Lt Joseph Petrosino lodge annual block party, 113 Baxter St. between Canal St. and Hester St.
  • 10/3/15 – Bedford Downing Block Association Sidewalks Sale, Downing St. between 6 Ave. and Bedford St.
  • 10/4/15 – 6th Police Precinct Explorers Single Block Festival, Washington Square North between University Place and 5th Ave.
Please contact the CB2 office if you have an issue with a FYI Sidewalk Café or Street Activity renewal application or to have them placed on the agenda for this meeting.


Mon., 5/11  @ 6:30 PM- LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th St (btwn. 7th/8th Aves), Room 101
  • Presentation of plans for the new 75 Morton Middle School by the School Construction Authority.

Robert Ely, Chair
Tues., 5/12 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St., Lower Hall

1a.*    Apps. to the SLA for Alteration to sell beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Genuine-Grand St. NYC LLC, 191 Grand St. 10013 (on-premise)
  • Tava Café, LLC, d/b/a Balzem, 202 Mott St. Unit B 10012 (RW)(sidewalk café addition)
  •  SoHo Grand Hotel, LLC, SoHo Grand Hotel, 310 W. Broadway 10013 (on-premise)(adding an outdoor patio)
1b.*    Apps. to the SLA for New beer and/or wine License (RW):
  • Let’s Eat Cantina Inc., d/b/a Pepe Rosso Cantina, 173 Mott St. Basement 10013 (already heard)
  • Ganmark LLC d/b/a Gansevoort Market, 52 Gansevoort Market 10014 
  • Indorama Inc., d/b/a Mirch Masala, 95 MacDougal St. 10012 
  • Doshermanos, LLC, 95 MacDougal St. Store B 10012 (withdrawn)
  • Romagna Corp., 182 Bleecker St. 10012 
  • Bar Giacosa Corp., d/b/a IL Pittino, 268-270 6th Ave. 10014
  • An Entity to be formed by Daniel La Vian, 144 Sullivan St. West Store 10012 
  • 13 Sullivan Gents LLC, d/b/a 142 Sullivan, 142 Sullivan St. 10012 
  • Greek Natural Foods, d/b/a Greecologies, 379 Broome St. 10013 (Laid over)
1c.*    Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for New License to sell liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Black and Tan Restaurant LLC, 167 Bleecker St. 10012
  • Lihou LLC, 160 Prince St. 10012 (Laid over)
  • 406 Broome St. Rest. Inc., d/b/a Brinkley’s, 162 Prince St. 10016 (on-premise) (Removal of OP to new location) (withdrawn)
  • Piacere Enterprises LLC, 351 Broome St. 10013 (upgrade from RW)
  • Elmer Kennedy LLC, 86 Kenmare St. 10012
FYI Renewals: Keste, 271 Bleecker St. (RW); Le Baratin, 24 Greenwich Ave. (RW); Horchata, 470 6th Ave. (on-premise); Café El Portal, 174 Elizabeth St. (on-premise); Babbo, 110 Waverly Pl. (on-premise); Dos Toros, 11 Carmine St. (RW); La Churreria, 284 Mulberry St. South Store (RW); Moustache Restaurant, 90 Bedford St. (RW); Tertulia, 359 Sixth Ave. (on-premise); L’Artusi, 228 W. 10th St. (on-premise); The Mercer 1 LLC, 147 Mercer St. aka 99 Prince St. (on-premise); Sushi Nakazawa LLC, 23 Commerce St. (RW); Jimmy’s, 27 Grand St. (on-premise); David Burke Kitchen, 23 Grand St. (license # 1270232)(on-premise); David Burke Garden and Treehouse Bar, 23 Grand St. Ground Floor (for the add bar license # 1270239 & 1270238)(on-premise); James Hotel Soho, 27 Grand St. (on-premise); Ptojanee Authentic Thai Restaurant Inc., 48 Carmine St. (RW); The Stonewall Inn LLC, 53 Christopher St. (on-premise); Lunella Ristorante Inc., 173 Mulberry St. (on-premise); Westville, 210 W. 10th St. (RW); Jane, 100 W. Houston St. (on-premise); Little Branch, 20 7th Ave. S. (on-premise); Gallo Nero, 95 7th Ave. South (on-premise); The Katirou Company Inc., 99 MacDougal St. Upper North Store (RW); Ramen Torii, 4 Union Square South (RW); Aux Epics Inc., 121 Baxter St. North Store (RW); Fiat Café, 203 Mott St. (RW); Nourish Kitchen & Table, 95 Greenwich Ave. (RW); Automatic Slim’s, 131 Bank St. aka 733 Washington St. (on-premise); Ciao, 178 Mulberry St. (RW); 183 Reserve Inc., 183 Bleecker St. (on-premise); Turks & Frogs LLC, 323 W. 11th St. (RW); 8th St. WineCellar NYC, 28 W. 8th St. (on-premise); Caffe Napoli, 191 Hester St. (on-premise); SoHo Grand Hotel, 310 West Broadway (on-premise); Ruby’s, 219 Mulberry St. (RW); ‘wichcraft, 60 E. 8th St. (RW); McKenna’s, 250 W. 14th St. (on-premise); Mr. Dennehy’s, 63 Carmine St. (on-premise); Murray’s Cheese Bar, 264 Bleecker St. (RW); Portobello Restaurant, 208 Thompson St. (on-premise); Nyonya, 199 Grand St. (RW); The Hangar, 115 Christopher St. (on-premise); Temple Bar, 332 Lafayette St. (on-premise); Johns Pizza, 276-278 Bleecker St. (RW); Little Rascel, 163 Elizabeth St. (RW); Le Petit Café, 156 Spring St. (RW)

**Please contact the Board office if you have an issue with these applications, to have them placed on the agenda for this meeting.

  Anita Brandt, Chair
Wed., 5/13 @ 6:30 PM- 505 LaGuardia Pl., Community Room
  1. Deputy Commissioner Woody Pascal of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) will present to our Board and answer questions regarding rent regulations and administration.
  2. *80 Fifth Avenue (southwest corner of 14th Street) for a Physical Culture Establishment (PCE). BSA Application #59-15-BZ is for a special permit to legalize and re-establish an expired special permit.
  3. *38-50 Cooper Square (west side of Cooper Sq. just south of East 7th St.), Grace Church School seeks to 1) extend time to complete construction on a 2010 special permit BSA #14-10-BZ, and 2) application for a variance to permit an increase in the extent of the existing noncompliance with rear yard requirements #15-BSA-185M. 
  4. *74-76 8th Avenue (NE corner of 14th Street) CEQR 15-BSA-164M and BSA #39-15-BZ application dated March 3, 2015 requesting bulk variances to develop a commercial building containing Use Group 6 offices with Use Group 6 retail at the cellar and first floor in a C6-2A zoning district.

SLA LICENSING 2 Carter Booth, Chair
Thurs., 5/14 @ 6:30 PM – Scholastic Building, 557 Broadway, 2nd Floor

1a.*    Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for Renewal License to beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-
           premise (OP):
  • MCD Hospitality LLC, d/b/a Le Baratin 26 Greenwich Ave. 10011 (RW)
1b.*    Apps. to the SLA for Corporate Change to beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Chef’s Club NY Inc., d/b/a Chefs Club by Food & Wine, 275 Mulberry St. 10012 (on-premise)
  • COS206 LLC, d/b/a Costata, 206 Spring St. 10012 (on-premise) (update the ownership interest percentage)
1c.*    Apps. to the SLA for Alteration to sell beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-premise (OP):
  • COS206 LLC, d/b/a Costata, 206 Spring St. 10012 (on-premise) (replacing three 6 person table to 4 person table & extend stand-up bar on the ground floor + increase of 4 bar seats)
  • Adoro Lei LLC, 287 Hudson St. 10013 (on-premise)(sidewalk café addition)
1d.*    Apps. to the SLA for New beer and/or wine License (RW):
  • Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Center, Inc., d/b/a Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker St. 10012
  • Dumpling 516 Hudson NY, Inc., 516 Hudson St. 10014 (laid over)
  • NYPiada, Inc., 15 8th Ave. 10014 (withdrawn)
  • 74 8th Ave. Inc., d/b/a North Village Deli Emporium, 78 8th Ave. 10011 (Beer Only)
  • La Gringa Christopher Street Corp., 82 Christopher St. 10014 
  • Kasaka Inc, d/b/a Kasaka, 220 W. 13th St. 10011 (laid over)
  • D & C Loop Inc., d/b/a Sushi Para 88, 212 W. 14th St. 10011 
  • Minerva Hospitality Grove Ltd., Minerva, 302-304 W. 4th St. 10014
1e.*    Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for New License to sell liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Prime 135 NYC LLC, d/b/a Prime 135, 135 7th Ave. S. 10014 (upgrade from RW) (laid over)
  • CGM LLNR, LLC, d/b/a Asia de Cuba   415 Lafayette Street 
  • Hudson Gastropub LLC, d/b/a The Hudson Division, 131 Christopher St. 10014 
  • 13 8th Ave. (TBD), 13 8th Ave. 10014 (laid over)
  • S.O. Farms Hospitality Group LLC, 16-18 Kings St. 10014 (withdrawn)

Sean Sweeney, Doris Diether, Co-Chairs
Thurs., 5/14 @ 6:30 PM- The Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker Street (enter on Elizabeth Street), Studio A & B
  1. *35 Crosby St. Application is for exterior restoration including reconstruction of brick masonry portion of street facade in-kind to match historic configuration.
  2. *131-135 Prince St.  Application is to add glass window metal signage and alter hanging signage on both storefronts.
  3. *9 Vandam St.  Resubmission of previous application with modifications to the rear yard extension and reduction in size.  Also, move excavation away from neighbor.
  4. *199 Lafayette St.  Application is to legalize artwork/art vitrines already installed at this location (also known as 195-205 Lafayette St) (addition)

Chenault Spence, Doris Diether, Co-Chairs
Mon., 5/18 @ 6:30 PM- 505 LaGuardia Pl., Community Room
  1. *355 Bleecker St. Application is to legalize the replacement of windows and alterations to the storefront without Landmarks Preservation Commission permit(s).
  2. *30 Jane St. Application is for the installation of a business awning with integrated signage.
  3. *289 Bleecker St. Application is to install 4 operable French Doors with transoms in existing storefront.
  4. *475 6th Ave. Application is to establish a signage master plan.
  5. *837 Washington St.  Application is to propose addition of new exterior signage on the 2nd floor in addendum to changes to the storefront fenestration along Washington and 13th Streets for the Building. 
  6.  *400 West Broadway  Application is to install storefront infill, windows and a door.
  7. *170 Sullivan St. Application is to paint the building.
  8. *Consideration of City Council Intro 775, a bill that if enacted will impose time constraints on the Landmarks Preservation Commission for review of proposals for individual landmarks and historic districts and impose 5-year prohibition of further consideration for proposals where review is not completed in the allotted time.

SOCIAL SERVICES Sasha Greene Chair
Mon., 5/18 [** DATE CHANGED from 5/26 **]  @ 6:30 PM- LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th St (btwn. 7th/8th Aves)
  • Discussion of Senior Action Day (to be held on June 30th).

EXECUTIVE Tobi Bergman, Chair 
Tues., 5/19 @ 6:30 PM- CB 2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village

Tobi Bergman, Chair
Thurs., 5/21 @ 6:30 PM- Scholastic Building, 557 Broadway, Auditorium

NOTE: The Arts & Institutions and Quality of Life Committees are not meeting in May.

May 2015 Calendar