Community Board No. 2, Manhattan, New York City



*PUBLIC HEARINGS are noted with asterisks.  MEETINGS AT THE COMMUNITY BOARD OFFICE ARE AT 3 WASHINGTON SQUARE VILLAGE, AT THE BOARD OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM ADJACENT TO SUITE 1A.  Calendar is subject to change, so we suggest that individuals visit our website [] regularly for updates.   At all meetings, additional items may be raised as "New Business".

QUALITY OF LIFE Robert Woodworth, Chair
Mon. 1/5 @ 6:30 PM – LGBT Center, 208 W 13 St (btwn. 7th/8th Aves)
  1. Organizational Meeting.

ARTS & INSTITUTIONS Arthur Schwartz, Chair
Tues. 1/6 @ 7:00 PM- CB2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village
  1. Discussion of the role of the committee and future agendas.

PARKS/WATERFRONT Richard Caccappolo, Chair
Wed. 1/7 @ 6:30 PM- Village Community School, 272 W. 10 St. Auditorium
  1. * Consideration of a proposal by Hudson River Park Trust for reconstruction of Pier 54 as a part of Hudson River Park to be know as Pier55 and to include performance venues.

Thurs. 1/8 @6:30 PM- Judson Church (Assembly Hall), 239 Thompson St.
  1. * Presentation by the Dept. of Design & Construction regarding roadway rehabilitation on Wooster St. between Canal and West Houston Sts. (withdrawn)
  2. * Request to co-name the southeast corner of Bedford and Grove Sts. Larry Selman Way.
  3. * DOT Presentation:  Proposed Pedestrian Safety Improvements on 7th Ave. S. at W. 4th and Christopher Sts. and Waverly Place.

Mon. 1/12 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly  Pl., Room 206 (I.D. required to enter building)

1.*  Renewal App. for revocable consent to operate an enclosed sidewalk cafe for:
•    Carabean LLC, d/b/a Downtown Galway Hooker, 133 Seventh Ave. South, with 8 tables & 18 chairs (13141044-DCA)

2.*  New App. for revocable consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk cafe for:
•    Prime 135 NYC LLC, 135 7th Ave. South, with 8 tables & 15 chairs. (16178-2014-ASWC)

FYI Sidewalk Café Renewals:
•    675 Hudson Vault LLC, d/b/a Dos Caminos, 675 Hudson St., with 48 chairs & 135 chairs (1159248-DCA)
•    La Meridana, Ltd., 26 Carmine St., with 12 tables & 24 chairs ( 1133014-DCA)
•    174 Grand Street Corp., d/b/a Onieal’s, 174 Grand St., with 7 tables & 14 chairs (1218544-DCA)
•    Caffe Vetro, Inc., 200 Mott St., with 6 tables & 12 chairs (1245908-DCA)
•    Iridium Restaurant Corp., 20 Spring St., with 2 tables & 4 chairs (1221130-DCA)
•    132 Mulberry Inc., d/b/a Umberto’s Clam House, 132 Mulberry St., with 6 tables & 12 chairs (1432938-DCA)
•    Carmine Restaurant, Inc., d/b/a Il Cortile Restauarant, 125 Mulberry St., with 9 tables & 18 chairs (1161434-DCA)
•    New Restart Inc., 145 Mulberry St., with 8 tables & 16 chairs (1342588-DCA)
•    Slice West Village Ltd., d/b/a Slice, The Perfect Food, 535 Hudson St., with 10 tables & 20 chairs (1346838-DCA)
•    Buffanna Inc., d/b/a Il Picolo Bufalo, 141 Mulberry St. with 4 tables & 8 chairs (1165364-DCA)
•    Oliver King Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Empire Szechwan Village, 173 7th Ave South, with 11 tables & 22 chairs (1007220-DCA)

Please contact the CB2 office if you have an issue with a FYI Sidewalk Café application or to have them placed on the agenda for this meeting.

LANDMARKS & PUBLIC AESTHETICS 1st MEETING Sean Sweeney, Doris Diether, Co-Chairs
Mon. 1/12 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly  Pl., Room 208 (I.D. required to enter building)
  1. * 53 Downing St. – Application is to convert a five-story commercial building to accommodate a one-family home. (withdrawn)
  2. * 640 Broadway, aka 172 Crosby St. & 60-74 Bleecker St. – a) Application is to construct rooftop addition, replace windows, install parapet balustrade, repair and reconstruct entrance and exterior wall. b) Application is to request that the Landmarks Preservation Commission issue a report to the City Planning Commission relating to an application for Modification of Bulk pursuant to Section 74-712 of the Zoning Resolution.
  3. * 28 Little West 12th St. – Application is to construct a rooftop addition.
  4. * 16 Morton St. – Application is to construct a rear yard addition and install signage.
  5. * 12 MacDougal Alley – Application is to install an awning.
  6. * 317 West 11th St. – Application is to construct a rooftop bulkhead, reconstruct an existing rear extension, and excavate the rear yard. (already heard)
  7. * 260-264 Mulberry St. – Application is to reconstruct windows and install protective glazing, replace brownstone stairs and areaway, and install a barrier-free access ramp.
  8. * 145 Wooster St. – Application is remove metal shutters, and install storefront infill and signage.
  9. * 53 Wooster St. – Application is to construct a rooftop addition and alter the rear façade.
  10. * 146-150 Wooster St. – Application is to demolish the existing garage and construct a new building. (withdrawn)
  11. * 402 West Broadway – Application is to replace storefront infill and modify platforms.
  12. * 430 Broome St. aka 39 ½ Crosby St. – Application is to replace storefront infill, alter the façade, and remove basement stairs and areaway ironwork.
  13. * 60-62 Gansevoort St. aka 60-68 Gansevoort St. - Application is to install storefront infill.
  14. * 90-96 Barrow St. (Church of St. Luke in the Fields) - Application is to restore the existing townhouse, to replace windows, to landscape the rear yards and to construct a rear yard addition.
  15. * 107 Greenwich Ave. - Application is to renovate the front and rear facades, and construct a rooftop addtion.
  16. * 100 Greenwich Ave. - Application is to construct a rooftop addition.
  17. * 459 West Broadway - Application is to construct a rooftop garden and penthouse.

SLA LICENSING #I Carter Booth, Robert Ely, Co-Chairs
Tues. 1/13 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church (Lower Hall), 151-155 Sullivan St.

1.* Apps. to Department of Consumer Affairs for New Cabaret License:
•    Whany LLC, d/b/a Café Wha, 115 MacDougal St. 10012

2a.*Apps. to the SLA for Corporate Change to beer and wine or liquor on-premise:

•    Tango House, Inc./Colonnades Restaurant Associates, Ltd. d/b/a Malbec Restaurant & Bar/Tango House, 428 Lafayette St. 10013 (on-premise)(withdrawn)
•    The Uncommons LLC, 230 Thompson St. (RW)

2b.*Apps. to the SLA for Alteration to sell beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-premise (OP):
•    Icon II LLC d/b/a R Bar, 218-220 Bowery (on-premise)

2c.*Apps. to the SLA for New beer and/or wine License:
•    An Entity to be formed by Michael Stern & Jerome Audureau, d/b/a Once Upon a Tart, 135 Sullivan St. 10012
•    O Café on 6th LLC, 482 6th Ave., 10011
•    Doshermanos LLC, 95 MacDougal St. Store B 10012 (laidover)
•    ISO Enterprises Inc., d/b/a Sushi Sushi, 126 MacDougal St. Store #1 10012

2d.*Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for New License to sell liquor on-premise:
•    Cucina Buona Group, Inc. d/b/a Da Marcella, 142 West Houston St. 10012 (withdrawn)
•    Edible Analytics LLC, Mimis, 185 Sullivan St. 10012
•    145-147 Mulberry Street Corp., 145-147 Mulberry St. 10013
•    One Melon LLC, 89 MacDougal St. 10012 (Transfer)
•    E2 185 Bleecker LLC, 185 Bleecker St. 10012
•    9 Crosby LLC and Interstate Hotels & Resorts LLC, d/b/a Mondrian Soho, 9 Crosby St. aka 150 Lafayette St. 10013

FYI Renewals: Tio Pepe, 168-70 West 4th St. (on-premise); Café Select, 212 Lafayette St. (on-premise); Toloache, 205 Thompson St. (on-premise); Aqua Grill, 208-210 Spring St. (on-premise); Tomoe Sushi, 172 Thompson St. (RW); New Tu Do Restaurant, 102 Bowery (RW); Joseph Park, 161 Lafayette St. (on-premise); Village Cantina Corp. d/b/a Bamboleo, 170 Bleecker St. (on-premise); Lederhosen, 39 Grove St. (on-premise); Village Vanguard, 178 Seventh Ave. So. (on-premise); Elephant & Castle, 68 Greenwich Ave. (RW); Da Andrea, 35 West 13th St. (RW); Parigot, 155 Grand St. (on-premise); Hyatt Union Square, 132 4th Ave. (on-premise); Curry Kitchen, 40 West 8th St. (RW);  YN Wine Bar, LLC, 227 Mott St. Store Front #2 (RW); Ground Support, 399 W. Broadway (RW); Barca, 244 Mulberry St. (on-premise); Pinto, 118 Christopher St. West Shore (on-premise); The Jade Hotel Greenwich Village, 52 W. 13th St. (on-premise); SCM Culinary Suite LLC, 598 Broadway, 9th Fl. (on-premise); Spring Street Natural, 62 Spring St. (on-premise); Spasso, 551 Hudson St. (on-premise); Ribalta, 48 E 12th St. (on-premise); GMT Tavern, 142 Bleecker St. (on-premise); La Ripaille, 605 Hudson St. (on-premise); Think Coffee, 121-123 Fourth Ave. (RW); La Lanterna Di Vittorio, 129 MacDougal St. (on-premise); Marie’s Crisis Café, 59 Grove St. (on-premise); Circolo, 45 Bond St. (on-premise); Miyagi Restaurant, 220 West 13th St. (RW); Yakiniku Takashi, 456 Hudson St. (on-premise); The Cupping Room Café, 359 W. Broadway (on-premise); Sambuca’s Café, 105 Mulberry St. (on-premise); No 28, 26 Carmine St. (RW); Sofias Little Italy, 143 Mulberry St. (on-premise); The Riviera, 225-231 W. 4th St. (on-premise); The White Hourse Tavern, 567 Hudson St. (on-premise); Fedora, 239 W. 4th St. (on-premise); Empire Szechuan Village, 173 7th Ave. South (on-premise); Spasso, 551 Hudson St. (RW); Le Pain Quotidien, 65-69 Bleecker St. (RW);  Blue Ribbon Downing St. (on-premise); Spain, 113 West 13th St. (on-premise); Cafee Dante Inc., 78-81 MacDougal St. North Store & 83-85 MacDougal St. South Store (on-premise); Pho Sure, 120 Christopher St. (RW); Gothan Bar and Grill, 12 E.12th St. (on-premise); Blind Tiger Ale House, 281 Bleecker St. (RW); West 4th Street Rest. Corp., 150 W. 4th St. (RW); Chipotle Mexican Grill, 55 E. 8th St. (on-premise); Chipotle Mexican Grill, 200 Varick St. (on-premise); The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker St. (on-premise); WXOU Radio 558 Hudson St. aka 101 Perry St. (on-premise); Bayard’s Ale House, 533 Hudson St. (on-premise); The Broome St Bar Inc., 361-363 W. Broadway aka 499 Broome St. (on-premise); Cowgirl and Bar K, 519-521 Hudson St. (on-premise); Savore Ristorante, 200 Spring St. (on-premise); Panchitos, 105 MacDougal St. aka 11-13 Minetta St. (on-premise); Gelso & Grand Italian Food Center, 161 Mulberry St. (on-premise); The Butcher's Daughter, 519 Kenmare St. (RW); Sevilla Restaurant, 62 Charles St. aka 249 W. 4th St. (on-premise); Boots & Saddle, 76 Christopher St. (on-premise); Kin Shop, 469 Sixth Ave. (on-premise); Corner Bistro, 331 W. 4th St. (on-premise); Hummus Place, 71 7th Ave. South (RW); Bianca Restaurant, 5 Bleecker St. (RW); Olive Tree Cafe & Comedy Cellar, 117 MacDougal St. (on-premise); Rogue and Canon, 128 W. Houston St. (on-premise)

**Please contact the Board office if you have an issue with these applications, to have them placed on the agenda for this meeting.

Wed. 1/14 @ 6:30 PM- Grace Church High School, 46 Cooper Square, 3rd Floor
  1. * Proposal by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation for a contextual rezoning of certain blocks and parts of blocks within an area bordered by Broadway, Fifth Avenue, 8th Street and 14th Street. The proposed rezoning would impose height limits on new development, prevent high-rise tower development, eliminate zoning incentives for dormitory and hotel development, and encourage or require creation of affordable housing.
  2. * "SoHo Design District", a group of SoHo businesses, will make a presentation regarding harmful impacts of large scale retail stores on a sector of SoHo business that has thrived in the special mixed use environment of the SoHo Cast Iron Historic District.  The committee will consider a resolution urging action to curtail future growth of over-sized retail stores in the area.

SLA LICENSING #II Carter Booth, Robert Ely, Co-Chairs
Thurs. 1/15 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church (Lower Hall), 151-155 Sullivan St.

1a.*Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for Renewal License to sell beer and wine:
•    Houston Hall, 222 West Houston St. 10014
•    Lindsey Buffet Restaurant Inc., d/b/a Kumo Sushi, 282 Bleecker St.

1b.*Apps. to the SLA for Corporate Change to beer and wine or liquor on-premise:
•    Maneken Corp., d/b/a Petite Abeille (now d/b/a Oscar's Place), 466 Hudson St. 10014 (RW) (Change in Ownership)

1c.*Apps. to the SLA for New beer and/or wine License:
•    Tea and Sympathy Inc., 108 Greenwich Ave. 10011
•    Toby’s Estate Coffee West Village, d/b/a Toby’s Estate Coffee West Village, 44 Charles St. 10014 (Beer Only)
•    Minerva Hospitality Group Ltd, d/b/a Minerva, 302-304 West 4th St. 10014
•    Just Glaze LLC, d/b/a The Dessert Club by Chikalicious, 27 Bedford St. 10014
•    Delice & Sarrasin, LLC, 20 Christopher St. 10014
•    Sugar Factory American Brasserie Meatpacking, LLC, d/b/a Young Keng Street, 1-3-5 Little West 12th St. 10014

1d.*Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for New License to sell liquor on-premise:
•    CE Renwich LLC & Tommie Hotels, LLC aka Joie de Vivre Hospitality LLC, d/b/a Tommie Hotel, 231 Hudson St. 10013
•    55 Grove, LLC, 55 Grove St. 10014
•    Innovation Kitchens, LLC, 137 7th Avenue So. 10014
•    Down and Dirty Tacos and Tequila Bar Meatpacking, LLC, d/b/a Sugar Factory, 835 Washington St. 10014
•    P. Connolly and J. Dolan, on behalf of an entity to be determined, 64 Carmine St. 10028

EXECUTIVE Tobi Bergman, Chair 
Tues. 1/20 @ 6:30 PM- CB 2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village

SOCIAL SERVICES Sasha Greene, Chair
Wed. 1/21 @ 6:30 PM- St. John’s Lutheran Church, 81 Christopher St.
  1. *Presentation by Andrea Newman, Director of Development, for Greenwich House.
  2. Presentation by Wayne Kawadler, Manager of Community Relations, for the Lenox Hill Healthplex.

FULL BOARD Tobi Bergman, Chair
Thurs. 1/22 @ 6:00 PM- Scholastic Building, 557 Broadway, Auditorium


LANDMARKS & PUBLIC AESTHETICS 2nd MEETING Sean Sweeney, Doris Diether, Co-Chairs

The following committees will not be meeting in January:
•    Affordable Housing Task Force
•    By-Laws
•    Schools & Education

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