Community Board No. 2, Manhattan, New York City



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*PUBLIC HEARINGS are noted with asterisks.  MEETINGS AT THE COMMUNITY BOARD OFFICE ARE AT 3 WASHINGTON SQUARE VILLAGE, AT THE BOARD OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM ADJACENT TO SUITE 1A.  Calendar is subject to change, so we suggest that individuals visit our website [] regularly for updates.   At all meetings, additional items may be raised as "New Business."

Thurs., 11/1 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Pl., Room 401 [Please note that the accessible entrance is located at 31 Washington Pl.]
  1. * Request for air quality monitoring during the L-Train Shutdown.
  2. * L-Train Update by MTA NYCT and DOT.
  3. * Request to reconstruct Clarkson St. from West St. to Greenwich St., including installation of a granite bicycle strip.

ARTS & INSTITUTIONS Robin Rothstein, Chair
Mon., 11/5 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Meyer Building, 4 Washington Place, Room 102
  1. Update from a representative of the Jackie Robinson Museum on the museum’s timeline for opening to the public, as well as an overview of anticipated installations, programming and community engagement plans.

PARKS/ WATERFRONT Rich Caccappolo, Chair
Wed., 11/7 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Building, NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Pl., Room 206
  1. * Discussion of the scopes of work for the two DEP-owned sites at Lafayette and Grand Streets and on East 4th Street between Lafayette Street and Cooper Square (adjacent to the Merchant’s House Museum).
  2. *Presentation by the Meatpacking BID regarding the installation of tree pits and planters on West 14th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.
  3. Discussion of a Master Plan for the complete renovation of the Dapolito Recreation Center.

Carter Booth, Co-Chair and Robert Ely, Co-Chair
Wed., 11/7  @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St., Lower Hall

1a.*     Applications to the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) for Corporate Change Application to existing Restaurant Wine (RW), Tavern Wine (TW) or Full Liquor On-Premise (OP) Licenses:
  • MM130 Bowery Rest. Corp., d/b/a Capitale, 130 Bowery 10013 (OP – Restaurant) (withdrawn-will resubmit for Dec. agenda)
  • 296 Sandwich, LLC, d/b/a N/A, 296 Bleecker St. 10014 (OP – Bar/Restaurant)
1b.*     Apps. to the SLA for New License for Restaurant Wine (RW) or Tavern Wine (TW):
  • DL&Y, LLC, d/b/a Da Long Yi Hot Pot, 159 Canal St. Suite 200 10013 (RW – Restaurant)
  • Tiny Shanghai, Inc., d/b/a Tiny Shanghai, 122 Mulberry St. (RW – Restaurant) (laid over)
  • DS1970 Corp. d/b/a TBA, 793 Broadway (RW – Restaurant)
  • Showfields NY 1, LLC, d/b/a pending, 11 Bond St. (TW) (Retail Space) (laid over)
  • Jomasa LLC, d/b/a TBD, 110 Greene St. (RW – Restaurant) (Already heard, no appearance)
1c.*     Apps. to the SLA for New License for Full Liquor On-Premise (OP):
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill of Colorado, LLC, d/b/a N/A, 504 6th Ave. 10011 (OP – Restaurant) (Change hours of Operation) (withdrawn)
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill of Colorado, LLC d/b/a N/A, 405 6th Ave. 10014 (OP – Restaurant) (Change hours of Operation) (withdrawn)
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill of Colorado, LLC d/b/a N/A, 71 Spring St. 10012 (OP – Restaurant) (Change hours of Operation) (withdrawn)
  • Bowery Sushi, LLC d/b/a Yoshino. New York, 342 Bowery (OP – Restaurant)
  • Two Hands Village, LLC, d/b/a Pending, 48 W. 8th St. (OP – Restaurant) (Already heard, no appearance)
FYI Renewals: Hakata Ton Ton, 61 Grove St. (OP); The Spaniard, 190-192 W. 4th St. (OP); Great Jones Café, 54 Great Jones St. (OP); Madame X, 94 W. Houston St. (OP); Think Coffee, 248 Mercer St. (RW); Emporio, 231 Mott St. (OP); Le Pain Quotidien, 100 Grand St. (RW); Jane, 100 W. Houston St. (OP); Fig & Olive, 416 W. 13th St. (OP); Café Clover, 10 Downing St. (OP); Favela Cubana, 543 LaGuardia Pl. (OP); Tavern on Jane, 31 8th Ave. (OP); Restaurant Associates, Inc, 557 Broadway, 11th Fl. (OP); Dos Caminos Soho, 475-477 W. Broadway (OP); Hudson Clearwater, 447 Hudson St. (OP); Shu Han Ju, 465 6th Ave. (RW); Arthur’s Tavern, 57 Grove St. (OP); Sixty Soho, Thom Bar, Kittichai and Bistrot Leo, 60 Thompson St. (OP); Botanica Bar, 47 E. Houston St. (OP); Carmine Street Beers Inc., 52A Carmine St. (RW); Bar Moga, 128 W. Houston St. (OP);  Max Brenner Union Square, 841 Broadway (OP); Local & Vine, 282 Hudson St. (BW); Casa Bella Ristorante, 127A Mulberry St. (OP); Santina, 820 Washington St. (OP); Cielo, 14-20 Little W. 12th St. (OP); Kana, 324 Spring St. (OP); The Meatball Shop, 64 Greenwich Ave. (OP); Hudson Café, 628 Hudson St. (RW); The Cupping Room Café, 359 W. Broadway (OP); The Standard, 844-848 Washington St. ((OP);  Otto, 1 Fifth Ave. (OP); The Public Theater & Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette St. (OP); By Chloe, 240 Lafayette St. (RW); GoldBar, 389 Broome St. (OP); Goemon Curry, 29 Kenmare St. (RW); Twelve Chairs, 56 Macdougal St. (RW); Nisi, 300-302 Bleecker St. (OP); Reservoir, 710 University Place (OP); Piccola Cucina, 75 Thompson St. (RW); Vincents, 119 Mott St. (OP); Bell Book & Candle, 141 W. 10th St. (OP); Caliente Cab Co, 61 7th Ave. South (OP); West Side Café Corp., 323 Church St. (RW); Mary’s Fish Camp, 246 West 4th St. (RW); Upholstery Store; 713-715 Washington St. (OP);

**Please contact the Board office if you have an issue with these applications or if you wish to request to have them placed on the agenda for this meeting. Request must be made at least one week before the committee meeting.

Robert Ely, Co-Chair and Carter Booth, Co-Chair
Thurs., 11/8 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St., Lower Hall

1b.*     Apps. to the SLA for New License for Restaurant Wine (RW) or Tavern Wine (TW):
  • G Chew, LLC, d/b/a Ciccio diVino, 192 6th Ave. (RW – Bar/Tavern) (laid over)
  • Hudson Café Mir & MG, LLC, d/b/a Hudson Café, 628 Hudson St. (RW – Restaurant)
  • 20 Cornelia, LLC, d/b/a TBD, 20 Cornelia St. 10014 (RW – includes Rear Yard)
  • Gizona Corporation, d/b/a Lena, 1 W. 8th St. (RW – Café)
1c.*     Apps. to the SLA for New License for Full Liquor On-Premise (OP):
  • L&B 89 7th Ave. S. Corp., d/b/a Cuba Libre, 89 7th Ave. South (OP – Restaurant) (laid over)
  • The Banty Rooster, Inc., d/b/a The Banty Rooster, 24 Greenwich Ave. (Restaurant)
  • Helen’s, LLC, d/b/a TBD, Vault at 675 Hudson St. 10014 (OP) (Bar/Tavern with DJ)
  • AV NY 1, LLC, d/b/a TBD, 15 8th Ave. (OP – Restaurant)
  • Margherita Corporation, d/b/a Margherita, 197 Grand St. (Pizzeria Restaurant) (Class Change to OP from RW)
  • Embe Restaurant Corp., d/b/a Osteria 57, 57 W. 10th St. (Restaurant) (Class Change to OP from RW)
  • BL 98 Kenmare NY LLC d/b/a Bluestone Lane, 19 Kenmare St. (OP – Café/Restaurant) (laid over to Dec., not Jan.)

Daniel Miller, Chair  
Tues., 11/13 @ 6:30 PM- CB 2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village
  1. *Consideration of Community Board 2 response to the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.

Jeannine Kiely, Chair   
Tues., 11/13 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Building, 194 Mercer St., room 306
  1. *An update on the Bleecker School.

QUALITY OF LIFE Joseph Gallagher, Chair
Tues., 11/13 @ 6:30 PM- Little Red School House, 272 Sixth Avenue, Auditorium

1.* New Application for revocable consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café for:
  • Charley St.,  Inc., d/b/a Charley St., 41 Kenmare St. front with 4 tables and 8 chairs (15024-2018-ASWC)
2. * Street Activities Applications:
  • 12/8/18 – Charlotte Tilbury Glass Truck – 2 (The American Projects, LLC): 1) Broadway between Prince and Spring Sts. [curb lane closure only – mobile glass truck offering guests makeup tutorials, holiday purchasing & cosmic experiences]
  • 11/21/18 - 12/3/18 – Invisible NYC (Production Event) – 443 Broadway between Grand & Howard Sts. [curb lane closure to park trucks and production vehicles for loading and unloading]
  • 11/24/18 & 11/25/18 and 12/1/18 & 12/2/18 – Terez Performer (Production Event) – 158 Mercer St. between Prince & West Houston Sts. [sidewalk and curb lane closure- musician (with amplified sound) performing]
  • 11/28/18 – 12/10/18 – Maisel Deli (Production Event) –201 Lafayette St. between Kenmare and Broome Sts. [partial sidewalk closure – Re-creating the deli from TV show Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Permit will be for small line outside the front door.  There will be a stanchion to guide any line.]
*FYI / Sidewalk Café Renewals:
  • Caffe Silvestri, Inc. d/b/a Caffe Napoli, 191 Hester St. with 21 tables and 42 chairs (0956923-DCA)
  • NJJMJ, Inc. d/b/a Denino’s Pizzeria and Tavern, 93 Macdougal St., with 5 tables and 10 chairs (2038956-DCA)

Anita Brandt, Co-Chair and Frederica Sigel, Co-Chair
Wed., 11/14 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Pl., Room 206 [Please note that the accessible entrance is located at 31 Washington Pl.]
  1. *272 West 10th St. (corner of Greenwich St.) - BSA Cal. No. 223-00-BZ is an application for an amendment to a previously-granted variance to permit a three-story plus cellar and play-yard enlargement of the existing five-story plus cellar Use Group 3 – the Village Community School located at the premises.

Chenault Spence, Chair
Thurs., 11/15 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Pl. Room 401 [Please note that the accessible entrance is located at 31 Washington Pl.]
  1. *173 7th Ave. So. – Application is to legalize the installation of signage, painting of the façade, installation and alterations to new awning, mechanical equipment on the roof and an art wall. (laid over)
  2. *36 & 38 W. 10th St. – Application is to remove stucco across facades and install cast stone to match finish and detail of original, install window boxes on street façade, reconfigure contemporary skylights at 36 W. 10th, install minimally visible mechanical units and screen on roof, and reconfigure window openings on lower floors of rear elevation.
  3. *355 W. Broadway – Application is to legalize rear facade work not in compliance with CofA 18-4002; specifically removalof historic masonry wall, new masonry work and changed window fenestration.
  4. *267 W. 11th St. – Application is to add a 1-story rear addition plus cellar, excavation at cellar, add glass doors to existing 1st floor rear glass wall, remove c1930 rear house and redesign rear yard.
  5. *446 W. 14th St. – Application is to construct a trellis at the rooftop.
  6. *38 Greene St. – Application is to amend Certificate of Appropriateness 18-5959 to construct a 2-story addition and a new elevator landing at the 6th floor and raise the bulkhead.
  7. *155 Mercer St. - Application is to install neon border lights in the display windows.
  8. *357 W. Broadway – Application is to construct a 2nd floor rear yard addition and new, full height rear stair bulkhead.
  9. *116 Waverly Pl. – Application is to replace existing rear brick wall with a new one to accommodate a revised window pattern.
  10. *550 Broadway – Application is to renovate storefront, replace door and install new glass and steel canopy to match awnings of adjacent storefronts.
  11. *424 Broadway – Application is to replace/renovate ground floor storefront, not including main building entrance (south bay) nor separate elevator entrance (north bay).
  12. *14-16 Fifth Ave. - Consideration of a resolution to approve sending a letter of support to the Landmarks Commission expressing opposition to the demolition of 14-16 Fifth Ave.

Terri Cude, Chair  [-MEETING CANCELED-]
Mon., 11/19 @ 6:30 PM- CB 2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village

Terri Cude, Chair  
Tues., 11/20 @ 6:30 PM- St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St., Lower Hall


Susanna Aaron, Chair  
Thurs., 11/29 @ 6:30 PM-  Little Red School House, 272 Sixth Avenue, Auditorium
  1. *A presentation by Visiting Neighbors on its services and operations.

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