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  APRIL 2016

*PUBLIC HEARINGS are noted with asterisks.  MEETINGS AT THE COMMUNITY BOARD OFFICE ARE AT 3 WASHINGTON SQUARE VILLAGE, AT THE BOARD OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM ADJACENT TO SUITE 1A.  Calendar is subject to change, so we suggest that individuals visit our website [] regularly for updates.   At all meetings, additional items may be raised as "New Business".

ARTS & INSTITUTIONS Robin Rothstein, Chair
Tues., 4/5 @ 6:30 PM- CB 2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village
  1. A presentation from the League of Independent Theatre regarding the organization's latest initiatives and an overview of the recent City Council Budget Hearings supporting greater funding for the Arts.
  2. *An update from CITYarts on the mural they are seeking to create in Soho, and information about their NEA grant application.

Rich Caccappolo, Chair
Wed., 4/6 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 520
  1. *Update on latest plans for addressing sound levels from non-amplified instruments and music played at high volume in Washington Square Park.
  2. *Proposal to install chains and signs for effective night time closing of Washington Square Park.
  3. *Update from Dept of Parks and Recreation on status of renovation project at DeSalvio Playground as well as Father Fagan Park and Little Red Square.
  4. *Presentation by Friends of High Line about upcoming programming including an event with Target Corp in the street level plaza directly below the High Line, adjacent to the Whitney Museum of American Art. 
  5. *Request to the Dept of Parks and Recreation to install a low permanent fence, possibly a hoop fence, around the gardens on the west side of Hudson south of Bethune Street.

Shirley Secunda, Chair
Thurs., 4/7 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 306
  1. *Presentation regarding the Special Event "Design Pavillon" (in celebration of NYCxDESIGN) at Astor Place (5/7 - 5/15).
  2. * Proposal to require Uber, Lyft and other For-Hire Vehicle companies to be regulated similar to NYC Taxicabs.

Jeannine Kiely, Chair
Mon., 4/11  @ 6:30 PM- The Clinton School, 10 East 15th St., Gymnasium (btwn. 5th Ave and Union Square)
  1. *Conversation on Integrating Our Schools:  The Relationship Between Academic Tracking and Segregated Schools. Speakers include education policy experts Carol Burris, the Executive Director of the Network for Public Education Foundation and Halley Potter, a fellow at the Century Foundation.  Hosted by CB 2, CECD2 and 75 Morton Community Alliance.  Babysitting and light refreshments will be provided.

Robert Woodworth, Chair (This month’s Sidewalks and Street Activities applications will be heard by the QOL Committee.)
Mon., 4/11 @ 6:30 PM- Tony Dapolito Recreation Center, 1 Clarkson St. 3rd Floor (Photo ID required)

1.* New App. for revocable consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café for:
  • The Wren New York, LLC, 344 Bowery with 6 tables and 15 chairs (2674-2016-ASWC)
  • UBC, LLC, d/b/a Mr. Donahues, 203 Mott St. with 4 tables and 8 chairs (3082-2016-ASWC)
  • Tourbillon 45, LLC, d/b/a Café Altro Paradiso, 234 Spring St. with 5 tables & 20 chairs (3007-2016-ASWC)
  • Icon Two, LLC, 218 Bowery with 11 tables & 24 chairs (3200-2016-ASWC)
  • HSNYC, LLC, d/b/a High Street on Hudson, 637 Hudson St. with 10 tables & 20 chairs (3347-2016-ASWC)
FYI Sidewalk Café Renewals:
  • Panzi Enterprises, LLC, d/b/a Panca, 92 7th Ave. S. with 13 table and 36 chairs (1250013-DCA)
2.* Street Activity Applications:
  • 5/5/16 - Nolita Spring Fling Block Party, Elizabeth St. between Prince St. and East Houston St.
FYI Street Activities Renewals:
  • 6/3/16 – 6/5/16 - 2016 World Science Festival Street Fair (Special Event), 1) LaGuardia Place between Washington Square South and West 3rd St. 2) Washington Suare South between MacDougal St. and Washington Square East 3) West 4th St between Washington Square East and Mercer St.
  • 6/6/16 – 11/17/16 – South Village Farmer’s Market, Avenue of the Americas between Carmine St. and West 3rd St.
  • 6/18/16 – Order Sons of Italy Block Party, 203 Grand St. between Mulberry St and Mott St.
  • 6/21/16 – Make Music New York on Greene Street Block Party, Greene St. between Grand St. and Broome St. 
  • 6/21/16 – Make Music New York at Astor Place Block Party, Astor Place between Broadway and Lafayette St. 
  • 6/21/16 Make Music New York on Cornelia Street Block Party, Cornelia St. between Bleecker st. and West 4th St.
Please contact the CB2 office if you have an issue with a FYI Sidewalk Café or FYI Street Activity applications or to have them placed on the agenda for this meeting.

Robert Ely, Chair
Tues., 4/12 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St., Lower Hall

1a.*    Apps. to the SLA for Renewal to sell beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Principessa Soho, LLC, d/b/a The Little Prince, 199 Prince St. 10017 (OP Renewal)
  • Ambleside Partners, LLC, d/b/a Pravda, 281 Lafayette St. 10012 (OP Renewal)
1b.*    Apps. to the SLA for Alteration to sell beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Ambleside Partners, LLC, d/b/a Pravda, 281 Lafayette St. 10012 (OP Alteration)
  • The Wren New York, LLC, d/b/a The Wren, 344 Bowery 10012 (OP Alteration to include sidewalk café)
  • 45 B Street Restaurant, LLC (f/k/a  entity to be formed by The Scheetz Group and Ken Friedman), 45 Bond St. 10012 (Pending OP-Alteration)
  • Blue Bell Restaurant, LLC, d/b/a Cantine Perisienne, 153 Elizabeth St. aka 40 Kenmare St. 10012 (OP Alteration) 
1c.*    Apps. to the SLA for New beer and/or wine License (RW):
  • Joyful Eats Two, LLC d/b/a Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings, 380 Broome St. 10013 (RW)(withdrawn)
  • New York Kimchi, Inc., d/b/a N/A, 185 Bleecker St. 10012 (RW)
  • Morars, LLC, d/b/a TBD, 36 E 4th St. 10003 (RW)
1d.*    Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for New License to sell liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Shi Lin or LLC to be formed, d/b/a Le Pierre, 341 West Broadway 10013 (OP)(laid over)
  • TH NYC Restaurant 1 LLC, d/b/a N/A, 177 Prince St. 10012 (OP)(laid over)
  • E2 Lafayette, LLC, d/b/a TBD, 240 Lafayette St. 10012 (OP) 
  • Joy Luck Palace, Inc., d/b/a TBD, 98 Mott St. 10013 (OP)(laid over)
  • KLK Chinese Restaurant, Inc., d/b/a Red Egg, 202 Centre St. 10013 (OP)(laid over)
  • 157 Lafayette Café, LLC, d/b/a Salon de Lafayette, 157 Lafayette St. 10013 (OP-change in method of operation)
  • San Remo Group One, LLC, d/b/a San Remo, 201 Lafayette St. 10012 (OP)(laid over)
  • The Food Commission, LLC, d/b/a Bread, 153 Elizabeth St. 10012 (OP)
  • Jomelo, LLC, d/b/a Socarrat Nolita, 284 Mulberry St. 10012 (OP-upgrading to OP)(laid over)
  • Atla Lafayette, LLC, d/b/a TBD, 372 Lafayette St. 10012 (OP)(laid over)
  • Nicky Cast Pizza, Inc., d/b/a TBD, 93 MacDougal St. 10012 (OP)
  • 125 Hospitilty, LLC, d/b/a Groove, 125 MacDougal St. 10012 (OP)
FYI Renewals: Schatzi Corp. d/b/a Wallse, 342-344 West 11th St. aka 713 Washington St. (on-premise); Anfora, 34 8th Ave. (on-premise); Trump SoHo, 246 Spring St. (on-premise); Johnny’s Bar, 90 Greenwich Ave. (on-premise); Quartino Bottega Organica, 11 Bleecker St. (on-premise); The Caffe Palermo, 148 Mulberry St. (on-premise); Brass Monkey, 53-55 Little W. 12th St. (license #1151520 & 1263391 & 1205161)(on-premise); Mother’s Ruin, 18 Spring St. (on-premise); HERE Art Center, 145 Sixth Ave.(RW); Union Bar and Kitchen, 300 Spring St. (on-premise); Bluestone Lane, 55 Greenwich Ave. (RW); Blue Haven, 108 W. Houston St. (on-premise); Mezzrow, LLC, 163 W. 10th St. (on-premise); The Duplex, 61 Christopher St. (on-premise); Claudette, 24 5th Ave. (on-premise); Taormina, 145-147 Mulberry St. (on-premise); Village Lantern, 167 Bleecker St. (on-premise); Bacchanal, 146 Bowery (on-premise); Cozy Soup & Burger, 739 Broadway (Beer & Cider); 37 West 24th Street LLC, 40-42 West 8th St. aka 179 MacDougal St. (on-premise); BareBurger, 535 LaGuardia Place (on-premise); Delicatessen Maccbar, 54 Prince St. aka 265 Lafayette St. (on-premise); Ofrenda, 113 7th Ave. South (on-premise); Greenwich Village Comedy Club, 99 MacDougal St. Lower Level (on-premise); Soho Tiffin Junction, 42 E. 8th St. (RW)

FYI Alterations:
  • Paesano Rest Corp., d/b/a Paesano of Mulberry St. 136 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Angelo of Mulberry Street, Inc. d/b/a TBD, 146 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Buona Notte, Incorporated, d/b/a Buona Notte Restaurant, 120 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • H&M Restaurant, Inc., d/b/a La Bella Vita, 163 Mulberry St. 10013 (RW Alteration)
  • 164 Mulberry Street Corp., d/b/a Da Nico, 164 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • La Mela Ristorante Italiano, Inc., d/b/a TBD, 171 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Original Vincent’s Est. 1904, Inc., d/b/a Vincent’s, 119 Mott St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • FSE Inc., d/b/a AMICI II, 165 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • PSSP NY Inc., d/b/a Sofia’s Little Italy, 143 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Carmine Restaurant, Inc, d/b/a IL Cortile, 123-125 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alternative)
  • 161 Mulberry Restaurant LLC, d/b/a Gelso & Grand Italian Food Center, 161 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Akram Restaurant Management, Inc., d/b/a DA Gennaro, 129 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Joe Rach, Inc., d/b/a The Café Palermo, 148 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Original Puglia, Inc., d/b/a Puglia Restaurant, 189 Hester St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • In Bocca Al Lupo, Ltd., d/b/a N/A, 113 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • New Restart, Inc., d/b/a Taormina, 145-147 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • IL commendatore Restaurant, Inc. d/b/a Casa Bella Ristorante, 127A Mulberry St. 10013(OP Alteration)
  • Mulberry Street Bar, LLC, d/b/a N/A, 176 ½ Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Buffanna, Inc., d/b/a IL Piccolo Bufalo, 141 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Lunella Ristorante, Inc., d/b/a N/A, 173 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Caffe Silvestri, Inc., d/b/a Caffe Napoli,  130 Mulberry St (aka 191 Hester St.) 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • Ristorante Luna, Inc., d/b/a Ristorante Luna, 115 Mulberry St. 10013 (RW Alteration)
  • ASC, Inc., d/b/a La Nonna, 134 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • PJ’s of Little Italy, Inc. d/b/a Pellegrino’s, 138 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration) 
  • Sapori Ditalia of NYC, Inc., d/b/a Sambuca’s, 105 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
  • 132 Mulberry St Rest, Inc., d/b/a Umberto’s Clam House, 132-138 Mulberry St. 10013 (OP Alteration)
**Please contact the Board office if you have an issue with these applications or if you wish to request to have them placed on the agenda for this meeting.

Anita Brandt, Chair
Wed., 4/13 @ 6:30 PM- Scholastic Building, 557 Broadway, 11 Floor, Conference Room
  1. *323-327 Avenue of the Americas (between Carmine Street and Cornelia/West 4th Streets).  BSA Cal. No. 2016-4138-BZ is an application for a variance pursuant to ZR Section 72-21 to modify certain use and bulk regulations to allow a three-story (plus cellar) enlargement to the IFC Center on the vacant portion of the zoning lot with frontage on Cornelia Street.  Patrons of the IFC Center will continue to enter and exit the theater from the Avenue of the Americas.
  2. *511 Canal Street (between Greenwich and Renwick Streets) BSA Cal No 2016-4128- BZ is an application for a Special Permit ZR 73-36 for a physical culture establishment- Dogpound Fitness LLC.
  3. *670 Broadway (corner of Bond Street) BSA Cal No. 2016-4126-BZ is an application for a Special Permit ZR 73-36 for a physical culture establishment- Equinox.
  4. *117 Seventh Avenue South (east side between Christopher and West 10th Streets) BSA Cal No. 1-95-BZ is an application for an extension of a previous granted Special Permit ZR 73-36 for a physical culture establishment- New York Sports Club.

Chenault Spence, Chair
Thurs., 4/14 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 306
  1. *75 Spring St.Application is to replace windows on the 9th floor at the Spring and Crosby façades.
  2. *64 Wooster St. - Application is to replace existing dilapidated freight elevator with new traction freight elevator, which increases the height of the existing bulkhead.
  3. *92 W. Houston St. – Application is to install an awning.
  4. *90 W. 3rd St. – Application is to install new storefront, signage, and painting the existing brick façade. (will be reviewed at staff level at the LPC-no CB review).
  5. *270 6th Ave. – Application is to replace storefront, and install awning and lighting.
  6. *393 W. Broadway – Application is to establish a Master Plan for the installation of a painted wall sign on the north facing façade of the building.

Carter Booth, Chair
Thurs., 4/14 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St., Lower Hall

1a.*    Apps. to the SLA for Renewal to sell beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-premise (OP):
  • 228 Bleecker, LLC d/b/a Aria, 117 Perry St., Store #2 10014 (OP-Renewal)(laid over)
1b.*     Apps. to the SLA for Corporate Change Application to sell liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Aramark Educational Service, LLC, d/b/a N/A, 60 Washington Square S. 10th Fl. 10012 (OP)(officers changes)
1c.*    Apps. to the SLA for Alteration to sell beer and wine (RW) or liquor on-premise (OP):
  • FiftyOne Merchants, LLC, d/b/a Via Carota, 51 Grove St. (OP-add additional space)(laid over)
  • Deviled Food, LLC, d/b/a Diablo Royale, 189 W. 10th St. (OP)(withdrawn)
  • Major Dough SoHo 463, LLC, d/b/a Sadelle’s, 463 W. Broadway 10012 (OP)(withdrawn)
  • Off Cuts, LLC, d/b/a Quality Eats, 19 Greenwich Ave. 10014 (OP)(to include sidewalk café)
  • Whitney Museum of American Art, Whit Food II, LLC, Hudson Yards Catering LLC, d/b/a Untitled, 99 Gansevoort St. 10014 (OP-add outdoor bar)(withdrawn)
  • CGM 13, LLC, d/b/a all’onda, 22 E. 13th St. 10003 (OP)(extend hours of operation)(withdrawn)
1d.*    Apps. to the SLA for New beer and/or wine License (RW):
  • Pasticceria Rocco, Inc.,  d/b/a Pasticceria Rocco Inc.,  243 Bleecker St. 10014 (RW)(laid over)
  • Hao Noodle and Tea, LLC, d/b/a TBD, 401 Sixth Ave. 10014 (RW)
  • Bleecker Pizza, LLC, d/b/a Bleecker Street Pizza, 69 7th Ave. South 10014 (RW)
1e.*    Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for New License to sell liquor on-premise (OP):
  • Berrak NYC, LLC, d/b/a Nighthawks, 679 Greenwich St. 10014 (OP)(Upgrade/Change of Class)
  • Corp to be formed by Brendan Sodikoff, d/b/a TBD, 4 Charles St. 10014 (OP)(request is for a 4 AM closing 7 days a week)
  • Good Manners, LLC, 15 E. 12th St. 10003 (OP)
  • 2nd City West Village, LLC, d/b/a 2nd City, 525 Hudson St. 10014 (OP)
  • Luis Skibar or a Corporation TBD, d/b/a TBD, 173 Seventh Ave. South 10014 (OP)
  • 62 Greenwich, LLC, d/b/a Greenwich Steak House FG, 62 Greenwich Ave. 10011 (OP)(withdrawn)

Chenault Spence, Chair
Mon., 4/18 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Building, 12 Waverly Place, Room G08
  1. *1 Horatio St.  – Application is to paint a wall mural at 1 Horatio St./corner of 8th Ave.
  2. *597 Broadway – Application is to install a sidewalk chairlift.
  3. *21 ½ King St. – Application is to convert a multi-family dwelling to a single family dwelling.
  4. *91 Crosby St. aka 523 Lafayette St. - Application is to construct two rooftop stair bulkheads and remove the wood watertower. 
  5. *25 Bleecker St. – Application is to demolish an existing 4-story building and replace it with a 6-story building plus penthouse addition. 
  6. *88 Perry St. – Application is to legalize tile mural installed without LPC permits.
  7. *303 Bleecker St. –Application is to legalize the installation of an HVAC unit at installed witihout LPC permits 
  8. *62 Cooper Square – Application is to install two flags and flagpoles.

Tobi Bergman, Chair  
Tues., 4/19 @ 6:30 PM- CB 2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village

Tobi Bergman, Chair
Thurs., 4/21 @ 6:30 PM- Scholastic Building, 557 Broadway, Auditorium


Sasha Greene, Chair
Tues., 4/26  @ 6:30 PM- CB 2 Conference Room, 3 Washington Square Village
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