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LGBTQ Task Force

Community Board 10 strives to create a culture that values and respects diversity and inclusion. To help make such goals a reality, the Community Board’s leadership has integrated diversity and inclusion into the core of CB 10’s operating procedures and structures.

Thus, the Community Board 10 LGBTQ Task Force will work, amongst other things, to address the reality of Harlem serving as the unofficial home and community for the largely African-American/ Latino, and other LGBTQ and same gender loving members, and to fortify and build a continued relationship with their sizeable and growing population within Harlem.

Unfortunately, many LGBTQ members have experienced discrimination in public settings, which have not allowed for full expression and participation. Thus, this Task Force will provide a safe and comfortable setting for members of the LGBT community to speak freely and openly about issues and concerns they may be having.

The Task Force will also study the impact and significance of Harlem serving as the "home and host" to the African-American and Latino LGBTQ community, and prepare a report to the Chairperson of Community Board 10, and the Community Board. This report will also be shared with the Central Harlem Community.

LGBTQ Task Force Members:
Manny Rivera, Chair
Kevin Bitterman
Michelle Booker
Deneane Brown-Blackmon
Daniel Clark - Part Time
Christina Curry
Hazel Dukes
Donna Gill
Cicely Harris
Marquis Harrison
Karen Horry - Part Time
John Lynch
Jennifer Prince
Cheryl Smith - Part Time

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