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Street Co-Naming Application

Streets located within the boundaries of Manhattan Community Board 10 (CB10M) will be considered for co-naming in honor of individuals, subject to criteria established by the Board.

The Transportation Committee will hear street co-naming requests. If the request is approved by the committee, the application will be brought before the Executive Committee and the full Board for final approval.

All requests must be accompanied by a street co-naming application and relevant documentation of the honoree. The request and documentation must be submitted to the Community Board Office at least four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled committee meeting. Applicants who fail to submit the required articles to the Community Board office at least four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled committee meeting will not have their application reviewed by the committee until the next scheduled meeting.

  • Prospective honorees should have demonstrated an extraordinary and consistent commitment and dedication to the community.
  • Prospective honorees must be deceased.
  • Prospective honoree must have a physical connection to the location of the co-named street.

A petition demonstrating community support must be submitted to the Board after the initial co-name approval by the Transportation Committee. The petition must include a minimum of 60% of the total residents and businesses on the designated block. The petitions must include the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and signatures of the residents.

For reference, examples include the following:

  • The total number of residences and businesses on the affected block or blocks if a corner co-naming is requested e.g.: ten (10) apartment buildings with 100 units and five (5) ground floor businesses;
  • A minimum of 60% of the total amount of potential signatures of residents and/or business people on the affected block including their addresses. For example, a petition from a block with 100 units would require a minimum of 60 signatures of support.


1. Submit Street Co-naming application to the Board four (4) weeks prior to the Transportation Committee meeting.

2. At the Transportation Committee meeting, the Honorees presentation must include all relevant data and support documents indicating why the Honoree should be bestowed the honor of having a street co-named after him/her.

3. If the Application is approved by the committee – A petition demonstration community support must be submitted to the board.

4. The Executive Committee will review the application, petition and relevant information.

5. At the Full board meeting the final presentation will include questions from the Full Board and the Public. The Full Board will vote for the final approval.

6. If the application for the Street co-naming is not approved by the Transportation Committee, a written response will be sent to the Applicant Ten (10) days from the date of the presentation.


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