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Budget Overview

Community Participation in the Budget Process

Excerpted from Manual for Participation in the Budget Process, Office of Community Board Relations, Office of Management & Budget, and Office of the Mayor.

Summary of Community Board Participation in the Budget Process

Under the City Charter, community boards are given a broad range of responsibilities for advising the City about local budget needs and priorities.  The Charter mandates that the community boards consult with agencies on the capital and expense budget needs of the district, hold public hearings, prepare capital and expense budget priorities for the next fiscal year and react to the funding choices presented in the preliminary budget.  To meet these mandates, a dynamic formal structure was created which allows the City’s communities to make their needs known to agency decision makers and the Mayor.  This assures that local neighborhood opinion is considered when the City allocates its resources and services.

The Office of Community Board Relations within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), oversees procedures that assure community boards actively and effectively participate in forming he City’s budgets.  The following outlines the essential feature of this process.

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