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Full Board Meetings Agendas


DATE:         Tuesday, April 25, 2017
TIME:          6:00 PM

LOCATION:  South Street Seaport Museum
                   Melville Gallery
                   213 Water Street, between Fulton and Beekman Streets
                   (Photo ID is required to enter building)

 A G E N D A

I. Public Session

  Comments by members of the public (6 p.m. – 7 p.m.)
  (1-2 minutes per speaker)

II.  Business Session

A) Adoption of  March 2017 minutes
B) District Manager’s Report – N. Pfefferblit
C) Treasurer’s Report – J. Kopel
D) Chairperson’s Report – A. Notaro

III. Election of Nominating Committee - A. Notaro, Jr.

1) Distribution of ballots and voting will remain open for one hour
2) Nominations from the floor for Nominating Committee

IV.  Committee Reports
A) Youth & Education Committee - T. Joyce

1) Edgar/Trinity Working Group – Resolution
2) Millennium HS Preference, Past and Present and walk-through at PS 234 – Report 
3) Teen Crimes issue in Battery Park City – Report
4) Review of Unfilled School Crossing Guard Positions – Report
5) 250 Water Street Parking Lot progress toward closing Peck Slip for play street – Report
6) Lead Water Testing in City Schools – Report 

B) Battery Park City Committee - N. Segarra
1) North Cove Marina sailing school – Report
2) Allied Universal Ambassadors – Report
3) BPC Resiliency Assessment Overview – Report
4) Wagner Park Resiliency Update – Report
5) Battery Park City Authority – Report
C) Human, Veterans & Senior Services Task Force - F. Curtis

1) Scheduling and frequency of meetings – Report
2) Potential agenda topics – Report

D) Land Use, Zoning & Economic Development Committee - P. Kennell

1) Beaver Street Reversal – Report
2) Pace University Master Plan – Report
3) City Bench, 234 Canal Street – Report

E) Licensing & Permits Committee - J. Ehrlich

1) 63 Wall Street, application for liquor license for Wall Street Owner Inc. – Resolution
2) 61 Broadway, Suite 2400, application for a catering facility liquor license for Legends Hospitality LLC – Resolution
3) Manhattan Ferry Landing, Governors Island, 10 South Street, Slip 7; application for summer liquor license for Island Oyster LLC d/b/a Island Oyster – Resolution
4) 133 Greenwich Street, application for hotel/restaurant liquor license for Pyramid WTC Tenant LLC and Pyramid WTC Management LLC d/b/a Courtyard Marriott; Table 133 – Resolution
5) 70 South Street, application for alteration of an existing liquor license for Maiden Rest LLC d/b/a Industry Kitchen – Resolution
6) 78 South Street, application for alteration of an existing liquor license for P15 LLC d/b/a Cones Café and Watermark Bar & Lounge – Resolution
7) 85 Greenwich Street, application for restaurant liquor license for Tajin Restaurant Corp. – Resolution
8) 17 John Street, application for hotel, conference/working space, café, bar liquor license for The Assemblage Hospitality LLC, Kokua CW 1, LLC, and 17 John Street Property Owners LLC d/b/a TBD – Resolution
9) 78 South Street, Pier 15 request for one-time alteration of hours for Watermark Bar & Lounge – Resolution
10) Liggett Terrace West, 517 Clayton Road, application for bar/tavern liquor license for ABC & E, LLC – Resolution
11) 190A Duane Street, application for liquor license for Fatmir Caushi or corporation to be formed – Resolution
12) 266 Canal Street, application for wine and beer license for August Gatherings Corp. – Resolution
13) 34 Desbrosses Street, application for wine and beer license for NZJJ, LLC d/b/a to be determined – Resolution
14) 157 Duane Street, application for sidewalk cafe for Khe-Yo – Resolution
15) 109 West Broadway, application for new enclosed sidewalk café – Report

F) Landmarks & Preservation Committee - R. Byrom

1) Building 110, Governors Island, application for restoration of stucco façade – Resolution
2) Building 110, Governors Island, application for demolition of existing staircase and replacement with accessible ramp and new entrance stair, installation of rooftop mechanical ventilation hoods and installation of service door at rear of building – Resolution
3) Building 108, Governors Island, application for window replacement – Resolution
4) 159 John Street, application to convert window to door – Resolution
5) 15 Park Row, application for window replacement master plan – Resolution
6) 1 Worth Street, application for window replacement – Resolution

G) Waterfront, Parks & Resiliency Committee - M. Pasanella

1) Leonard Ursachi Tribeca Park Art Installation – Report
2) Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency – Report
3) Seaport Development – Report
4) Peck Slip Park – Report

H) Quality of Life & Service Delivery Committee - P. Moore

1) Urban Umbrella – Report
2) Arts funding for lower Manhattan – Report
3) New York State Assembly legislation A00347 relating to feminine hygiene product access in schools – Resolution

V.  Old Business

VI.  New Business

1) Hudson Square/West Village Transportation Study – Report by M. Levine and M. Ameruso

VII.  Adjournment

All documents relating to the above agenda items are on file at the Community Board 1 office and are available for viewing by the public upon written request to

At all meetings, additional items may be raised as "New Business."

Please notify CB1 two days in advance, if wheelchair access is required.

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