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NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission
Propose a Landmark

Thank you for your interest in proposing a building, object, scenic area, neighborhood or interior space for designation as a New York City landmark or historic district.

Anyone can propose the designation of any site or neighborhood as an individual landmark or historic district by submitting a Request for Evaluation (RFE) application, to the Commission's Research Department. The Commission reviews approximately 200 RFEs each year.

Is the Site Already a Landmark?

Before you submit a request for evaluation, please check to see if the property you're interested in is already landmarked by virtue of being an individual landmark, a scenic landmark, an interior landmark or in a historic district.

NYCityMap, the City’s interactive map portal through which New Yorkers can find a wealth of constantly updated information about their buildings and neighborhoods, such as landmark status, elected officials, transportation options and services.

To get started, visit NYCityMap. After you enter an address or intersection, click on “Show Additional Data on Map” on the right navigation bar, scroll down to “Landmark,” and click on the relevant filter/s.

Additionally, the Department of Buildings Building Information System (BIS) provides the public with up-to-the-minute information about individual buildings, ranging from complaints to filed applications.

How to Initiate an Evaluation

To initiate an evaluation by the LPC Research Department, please download an RFE form and mail it to the Commission, along with any information or photos you have of the associated site.  Once it receives an application, the Research Department staff will begin its evaluation and, if appropriate, conduct further research to determine whether the site you propose meets the Commission's designation eligibility standards. You will be notified about the outcome of the assessment and potential next steps in the process.

Please note that an RFE application is required to trigger an eligibility assessment of a particular property or area. The Commission will only consider proposals that are submitted through an RFE application.

Download a Request for Evaluation form for the following:

Individual Landmark (in PDF)
Scenic Landmark (in PDF)
Interior Landmark (in PDF)
Historic District (in PDF)

Find Your Landmark!

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