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NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission
Expedited Reviews


Below are the types of work that qualify for FasTrack service, along with descriptions of the materials you’ll need to submit with your application (in PDF), tips for keeping your application on track, and Green Tips! to help reduce the impact of your building on the environment, and save you money. 

Please note that to receive a permit within 10 days, applicants must submit to our staff a signed acknowledgement and checklist (in PDF) in addition to a permit application form (in PDF) and relevant descriptive materials. Applicants may use the same acknowledgement and checklist for projects involving more than one of the work types listed below.

  Interior Alterations
  Notices of Compliance/”Sign Offs” for Interior Work for the Department of Buildings
  Reviews of ‘As Built’ Drawings for the Department of Buildings’ Applications for Certificates of Occupancy, Place of Assembly Permits or Other ‘No Work’ Applications
  Concrete Sidewalk Replacement and Below Grade Building Utility Installations
  Minor Restorative Work on Rear Façades
  Window Replacement on Non-Visible Facades
  Window/Door Opening Modification on Non-Visible Facades
  Rear Decks on Non-Visible Facades and Non-Visible Roof Decks
  Non-Visible HVAC Units in Rear Yards and Areaways 
  Non-Visible HVAC Equipment on Rooftops
  Through-the-Wall HVAC Equipment on Secondary and Non-Visible Facades
  Through-the-Window HVAC Equipment on Secondary and Non-Visible Facades
  Wall-Mounted HVAC Units on Secondary and Non-Visible Facades
  Sidewalk Cafés 

Tips for Keeping Your Application on the Fast Track
Incomplete or incorrect applications take longer to review. To keep your project on the FasTrack, and ensure a successful experience, make sure you do the following when you fill out your application (in PDF) and your signed acknowledgement and checklist (in PDF) and when you work with the LPC staff:

  • Check all the boxes on the application form that describe your project
  • If you check “other”on the application, please remember to include an explanation
  • On the checklist, check all the boxes for the required materials and include them in your application 
  • If an LPC staffer requests additional materials, try to submit them within three working days
  • Submit additional materials by e-mail, as .JPEG or .PDF files

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