NYC Lobbying Commission
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 “…the mayor and the city council shall jointly appoint a commission to review and evaluate the activities and performance of the city clerk in implementing the provisions of this subchapter. Within six months of such appointment the commission shall report to the mayor and city council on its review and evaluation which report shall include any administrative and legislative recommendations on strengthening the administration and enforcement of this subchapter, as well as whether the commission would recommend raising the dollar threshold for the filing of a statement of registration. The commission shall be comprised of five members and the mayor and the city council shall jointly designate a chair from among the members.” 

Ad Code, Section 3-212(e)

In 2006, the New York City Council passed and the Mayor signed three local laws providing for the creation of a Lobbying Commission charged with recommending changes to strengthen the administration and enforcement of the City’s lobbying laws.

The Commission has held several public hearings and meetings to understand the issues surrounding the City’s lobbying laws and regulations, and will ultimately produce a final report containing specific legislative findings and recommendations for the City Council and the Mayor to consider.

Please check this website frequently for upcoming hearing notices, to access transcripts testimony from prior hearings, and to stay in touch with the Commission through the “contact” link to the left of the screen. The Commission is eager to learn the experiences, concerns and recommendations of the various constituencies involved in and affected by the regulatory process.

Michael R. Bloomberg

Christine C. Quinn
Speaker, City Council