NYC Lobbying Commission
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About Lobbying Commission

In 2006, the New York City Council passed and the Mayor signed three local laws strengthening the regulation of lobbyists in New York City. The legislation provided for the creation of a Lobbying Commission. The Commission’s general mandate is to recommend any changes to strengthen the administration and enforcement of the lobbying registration law, including whether or not the dollar threshold that triggers the obligation to file as a lobbyist should be increased, and to review and evaluate the activities and performance of the City Clerk, who is charged with implementing the Lobbying Laws.

This Commission is charged with assisting the Mayor and the Council in insuring that the City has a set of lobbying laws that are rigorous and comprehensive, with adequate and serious enforcement tools, but understanding that the system not be so burdensome or unmanageable that lobbyists view operating outside of it as a preferable course of action.

The Commission’s work will ultimately produce a final report with specific legislative findings and recommendations for the City Council and the Mayor to consider.

Michael R. Bloomberg

Christine C. Quinn
Speaker, City Council