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Latin Media and Entertainment Week, October 4-10

Welcome to the second annual Latin Media and Entertainment Week (LMEW).

Last year the first LMEW had 22 events with over 90,000 participants and an economic impact to the City of three million dollars.

This year’s LMEW is even more exciting as we are adding new events that will highlight and showcase the great talent in our Latin communities. And New York City being the media and cultural capital of the world—where the arts converge with industry, startups, businesses, and much more—is the greatest city and center in the world to do so. Since the inception of the Latin Media and Entertainment Commission, the 40-member body has contributed greatly to making New York a vital and thriving Latin media and entertainment center, where ideas, creativity, innovation, and talent continue to shape our City into one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.

LMEW is a celebration, a destination, and where new ventures forge.

  • LMEW is a celebration. New York is where culture and heritage come together to offer New Yorkers and the world a view of the strength, power, aspirations, achievements, and diversity in the Latin communities. No other city offers the talent, quality, and range of cultural events than New York.

  • LMEW is a worldwide destination. New York is the place to connect with business leaders and to enjoy the greatest culture and performing arts in the world. Enjoy events including art shows, films, concerts, conferences, networking groups, and more. You can have a true Latin experience!

  • LMEW is where new ventures forge. New York is the financial capital of the world and offers entrepreneurs new venture opportunities, potential partnerships with established and emerging businesses, and a place where innovative ideas continuously shape business and the future of industry.

So come and experience the best of Latin New York and be part of the festivities! Join us with your family members, loved ones, and friends to celebrate the second Latin Media and Entertainment Week and to show the world that New York is the capital of Latin media and entertainment.


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