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Welcome.  You are invited to participate in our Latin Media Business Survey.  The survey should take about five to 10 minutes.   We appreciate your answering all the questions.  Your responses are confidential and have no bearing on your present or future relationship with the New York City Latin Media & Entertainment Commission or the City of New York.  You can skip questions, but we ask you to consider answering all the questions to better serve you and the Latin media and entertainment industry. 

If you have any questions about the survey or the procedures, please e-mail Executive Director Carlos Manzano.  Your survey responses are for research purposes only and will be reported in the aggregate.

Which sector does your business operate in?

New Media/Internet
Public Relations
Other, please specify   

Where is your company located?

Staten Island
Outside NYC

If you're not in New York City, please indicate the state.

If you're not in The United States, please indicate the country.

How important were the following factors in selecting your current office location?

Access to local employment talent pool  
Ease of public transportation (buses, trains, ferries…)  
Ease of private transportation (automobiles, taxis/limos)  
Access to highways or expressways  
Close proximity to other Latin media companies  
Close proximity to general market media companies  
Close proximity to Latin-themed social and entertainment venues  
Close proximity to convenient eateries, restaurants and cafes  
Close proximity to arts/cultural venues (museum/gallery, theater)  
Close proximity to Latino or diverse neighborhood  
Close proximity to commercial banks  
Close proximity to residential accommodations  
Close proximity to hotel/visiting accommodations  

In your opinion, how important are the following factors in making any city a leading, global, Latin media and entertainment destination?


Diversity of local Latino population

Latin buying power  
Size of the local Latino population  
Latin events that appeal to wider audiences  
Latin entertainment that receives wide media coverage  
Number of local Latino cultural programs and events  
Latin events that provide opportunities to network  
Warm weather  
Leading advertising center  
Leading New Media center  
Access to traditional and non-traditional media networks  
Professional associations and networking groups in my industry  

In your opinion, what are the most important factors needed to position New York City as a capital of the Latin media and entertainment industry? (Choose all that apply)

Diverse Latino population
Latino population buying power
Latino cultural/entertainment events (dance, theatrical, exhibits)
Destination for arts and entertainment jobs
Leading business / financial center
Leading media, news, and entertainment center
Leading center for the recording industry (music)
Leading advertising center
Center for new / digital media companies
Center for independent film and TV
Other, please specify   

Which of the following cities would you consider a global capital for Latin media?

New York
Los Angeles
Mexico City (Mexico)
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
San Juan (Puerto Rico)
Caracas (Venezuela)
Madrid (España)
Other, please specify   

Do you you lease, sub-lease or own your primary offices?


How long is your lease (years)?

Approximately how many square feet of space does your business occupy?

Is your company planning on expanding within the next

1 - 2 years?
3 - 10 years?
11 - 20 years?
No plans at this time

Which of the following would your company be most interested in when considering a new location? (choose all that apply)

Prime Location
Low Cost per square foot
Tax or other government incentives (investment credits, energy credits)
Empowerment Zones Energy savings
Access to talent
Lower utility costs
Rent rebates

How many employees does your business have?

Fewer than 50
500 or more

How do you typically find employees? (choose all that apply)

Referral/word of mouth
Newspaper ads
Online posting
Vocation training programs/colleges
Other (please specify)   

What are the challenges that you face to attract qualified employees? (choose all that apply)

Lack of access to large pool of talent
Skill set of potential employees does not match our line of work
Access to a network that connects us to potential employees
Bilingual talent
Schools curriculum does not reflect industry needs
Other (please specify)   

What services can New York City provide or offer to make it a global capital of Latin media and entertainment?

Company Name

Contact Person

Telephone Number

Business Address



Zip Code

Email Address

Company Website

Short Description of Company

Date Established

Thank you for participating in this business survey.

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