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Portada Conference

Portada - General Information

Portada conferences bring together the most powerful brand marketers, media owners and agencies in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. They ofer a unique platform for insight, networking and celebration of the Latin Marketing and Media world. With three well established events in New York City, Miami and Mexico City, Portada 's team offers high-level conferences, innovative awards programms and unparalleled networking opportunities. Join the most powerful media executives, brands, publishers and tech-innovators in the Latin World.

This year, Portada has two planned events in New York City: The Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum on September 25th and the Seventh Annual Hispanic Media and Advertising Conference on September 26th.

Portada - Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum

Portada’s Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum will take place on September 25 in New York City. The Forum will provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving Hispanic sports marketing landscape. The best speakers and thought leaders from the corporate, agency and media world will make the Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum a memorable event. The Forum can be sponsored and attended in combination with Portada’s Seventh Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference which takes place in the same on September 26, 2013.

Portada - 7th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference

Portada’s flagship annual Hispanic conference is an annual gathering of major decision makers in advertising, marketing and media from all over the United States. Emphasis will be put on how technologies can be leveraged to reach local audiences . CMO-level marketers and thought leaders will explain their perspectives on how best to reach the burgeoning Hispanic demographic. The Conference can be attended in combination with Portada’s Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum which takes place in the same venue on the day before (Sept. 25). Twitter #Portada13.

Key Topics include:

  • Is Corporate America Latin ready?
  • English-dominant Hispanics: Can they be efficiently reached via in-culture media?
  • The State of the Art-Hispanic Media ROI Measurement Tools: What has been learned?
  • Retailers 2014: The emerging power of "ethnic supermarkets and retailers"
  • Trends in Digital Media: Online Video Advertising, Social Buying, Targeting
  • Print Advertising Strategies: How and why print and digital convergence works
  • CMO's will discuss their Hispanic KPI's
  • Speed Networking
  • Consumer Product Goods: Why and how CPG marketers should focus on the Hispanic consumer
  • How can national advertisers best reach local audiences?
  • Motivational Speaker

Portada - Contact
Address: 315 Fifth Avenue, Suite 702, New York, NY 10016

To get in touch with Portada's Editorial Team, email:

To inquire about Advertising/Sponsorship opportunities please get in touch with:
Bob Oliva: Business Development Director
Phone:(305) 546-1515

Kelley Eberhardt: Sales/Marketing Assistant
Phone: (212) 685-4441

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