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Loisaida Cortos Film Festival

Loisaida Cortos Film Festival - Mission
LCLFF's mission is to screen a diverse selection of quality short films by Lation filmmakers from around the world. Their goals are to bring valuable exposure to deserving emerging and established filmmakers, to present entertaining, artistically rich works to local residents, visitors, and tourists, to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, and to increase business at local shops and restaurants in the surrounding Loisaida neighborhood.

Loisaida Cortos Film Festival - History

Loisaida Cortos Lation Film Festival (LCLFF), cofounded and coproduced by Ellie Diez and Silvia Mesalles, was established in 2002 with the generous help of Esperanto Restaurant and Baraza, located on Avenue C ("Loisaida Avenue") in New York City's historic Lower East Side.

Home to blaring salsa music; restaurants serving island favorites like cuchifritos and comidas criollas; street vendors selling colorful piragueros (snow cones); hermandades (local brotherhoods) organizing street parties and dances - this teeming, diverse, high-energy multicultural neighborhood, known as Alphabet City, has been the beloved barrio of many of New York's Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Ecuadorians, Mexicans, and other Latinos for more than 50 years. The word Loisaida is Spanglish for "Lower East Side." Two Latino poets and activists, Bittman John "Bimbo" Rivas and Chino Garcia, are credited with coining the name in 1974. Avenue C was officially renamed Loisaida Avenue during the Koch administration in recognition of its Lation residents - a reflection of the assimilation of diverse cultures and the constant reinvention that makes New York City the world's foremost melting pot.

Jeffrey Kohutka, LCLFF's main sponsor, has been a loyal supporter both financially and creatively throughout the years, contributing his invaluable business sense and experience.

Since 2003, MonextaStudio has also been a strong LCLFF supporter. This cutting-edge visual-communication and new-technologies studio, located in Barcelona, Spain has donated time and expertise to create and maintain a compelling visual personality for LCLFF across all media: Web, print, video. Since 2005 it also coordinates and produces the LCLFF Barcelona showcase.

In 2004, its third year, recognition for Loisaida Cortos Lation Film Festival's selection of quality Latino films and outdoor screening festival widened. With the collaboration of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), LCLFF presented an encore screening at the Anthology Film Archives, a distinguished film museum, archive, screening center, and research library in New York City.

Loisaida Cortos Latino Film Festival is a community event that takes place in a diverse, multicultural neighborhood on New York City's historic Lower East Side ("Loisaida") in the heart of "Alphabet City". Although predominantly Latino, the neighborhood attracts residents and visitors of many nationalities, adding to its unique allure. La Plaza Cultural Community Garden, located on the corner of Ninth Street and Avenue C, commonly known as Loisaida Avenue, has hosted LCLFF since its inception, in 2002, bringing the Lation community together to enjoy the best of its emerging and established cinematic artists. Many urban community gardens, such as La Plaza, are at risk of being shut down due to the pressures of escalating real estate values in the area. These much-needed metropolitan oases must be preserved. LCLFF is proud to contribute to that important effort by giving Lation artists from New YOrk City and abroad working in visual media - with the main focus on short films and an accent on other visual arts such as photography and painting - a worthy venue in which to present their exciting work, surrounded by a dynamic, multicultural community where they can forge bsuiness and artistic alliances for future projects.

Loisaida Cortos Film Festival - Contact
Ellie Diez, Co-Founder and Festival Director

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