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Message from Executive Director Carlos Manzano

Carlos Manzano Executive DirectoryWelcome to the Latin Media & Entertainment Commission Web site.

The New York City Latino population has greatly contributed to the culture and life of the city for decades.  With population growth and economic gains, Latinos are now among the most influential groups in the city and the nation.  Today, U.S. Latinos have $700 billion in buying power.  By 2010, the expected growth will be $1 trillion, making Latinos a powerful economic force. 

New York City is the financial and media capital of the world.  This status gives the LMEC the knowledge, expertise, resources, and networks to make New York City the Latin media capital of the world.  Through a variety of economic development initiatives, we will grow the Latin industry and establish New York City as the true center of Latin media and entertainment.

The Commission is attracting high-profile events to the city and helping to develop local events that are becoming part of the City's cultural life. These events have promoted not only Latin culture and media, but also the City as a destination for millions of people to experience the best of New York.

As the Executive Director, I will continue to develop business strategies designed to create a strong and vibrant Latin media and entertainment industry and a lasting economic and cultural legacy in our City.

Un abrazo,

Carlos Manzano

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