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The Business section contains resources for business owners, including information about New York City business laws; business licenses; law enforcement, violations, and penalties; and opening, operating, or expanding a business.
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Education & Child Care

The Education & Child Care section provides information for parents and caregivers on public education, literacy, and special student programs, as well as education-related forms. It also contains information on parenting, child safety, child-care services, child abuse and neglect, and children's rights.
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Employment & Taxation

The Employment & Taxation section contains information on finding a job and career training. You will also find information on workers' rights, including immigrant, disability, and pregnancy rights.
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The Health section has brochures and forms on the topics of health insurance, selected diseases and conditions, health testing and screening, healthy lifestyle choices, women's health, domestic violence, emergency preparedness, and records and licenses.
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The Housing section includes information on public housing and resources for tenants, landlords, and property owners.
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The Immigration section offers information on immigrant benefits and services for both citizens and non-citizens.
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Social Services

The Social Services section provides information on social services offered by the City, including senior and homeless services. You will find benefits and eligibility information, as well as the necessary forms and applications.
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Transportation & Safety

The Transportation & Safety section includes information on pedestrian safety, car safety, and taxis and car services.
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