NYC Administrative Code § 7-114: Civil Actions regarding the police department.

On September 8, 2017, Mayor de Blasio signed into law Local Law 166 of 2017 (previously Int. No. 119-D) which amended the administrative code of the City of New York to add a new section 7-114: civil actions regarding the police department.  This law requires the City’s Law Department to post information on civil actions alleging misconduct commenced against the police department and individual officers on its website. 

The law mandates such reporting twice a year, in January and July, regarding actions commenced in the preceding five year period.  Please note that each report includes one row per each named defendant but each row contains the total city payout amount for the matter. All disposition amounts reflect the total for the case and cannot be attributed to a particular defendant, other than the City of New York.  The individual officers listed in this report were parties in the indicated litigation but may have been dismissed prior to the final disposition. 

Download NYPD Alleged Misconduct Matters commenced in CY 2013-2017 1/31/2018 (in Excel)