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The New York City Law Department is truly a great organization. It defends the institutional interests of the City and its constituent agencies, providing wise counsel on a wide array of legal issues. This Office prosecutes and defends lawsuits in the name of the City of New York, its agencies and citizens. Our work often involves being an adversary in litigation against an individual citizen or organization of the City. This presents a special obligation. Not only must we vigorously advocate the legal position of the City, but we should never be indifferent to the fairness of the outcome and its impact. That obligation should not be viewed as a burden. On the contrary, it is what makes the jobs of the individuals working in this office worth having.

I welcome you to browse this website to learn about the fantastic work the Law Department accomplishes on behalf of all the citizens of the City of New York.

Zachary W. Carter
Corporation Counsel of the City of New York