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Executive Orders 34 & 41

Privacy Policy
Executive Orders 34 & 41 (EO34 & EO41) ensure that all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status can access the City services that they are entitled to receive. According to EO41, City workers must protect the confidentiality of a person’s immigration status.

In addition, the policy requires City employees to protect the confidentiality of information about a person’s sexual orientation, status as a victim of domestic violence, status as a crime witness, receipt of public assistance, and information in income tax records.
Read Executive Order 34 (in PDF)
Read Executive Order 41 (in PDF)

September 17, 2003
Mayor Bloomberg Signs Executive Order 41 Regarding City Services for Immigrants
Read Mayor Bloomberg's remarks
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How does Executive Order 41 affect immigrants?

  • Police officers will not inquire about your immigration status when you reach out to them for assistance. However, if the police officers suspect illegal or criminal activities, they may ask you about your immigration status and/or disclose that information.
  • City employees will not ask you about your immigration status unless it is required by law or necessary to determine whether you are able to receive those services or benefits. If you share your immigration status or other confidential information with City employees they will not report this information to anyone, except in limited circumstances such as when required by law.

If you have questions or concerns about your rights to the confidentiality of information, including immigration status, or if you want to know about eligibility for City services and benefits, call 311. Your call can be anonymous and can be received in 171 different languages. You may provide your question or concern directly to 311 representatives or asked to be referred to a specific agency for assistance.

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