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Avoid Scams

Who can I trust to help me apply for or renew DACA?

Please protect yourself and people you know from businesses that promise a green card or U.S. citizenship from DACA - don't be a victim of immigration fraud.

Learn more about how to avoid immigration scams via USCIS

Click here to view a list of free legal service providers who you can trust to help you apply for or renew DACA.

NYC is Part of a Nationwide Initiative to Combat Immigrant Service Scams

To protect the City's immigrant population, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) conducted more than 280 inspections of immigration service providers over two years ending in 2011 and issued 134 violations.

Top violations include:

  • failing to provide a contract or
  • providing contracts without all required information
  • failing to post required disclosures
  • failing to maintain the required surety bond 

In addition to vigorously enforcing local law, DCA partners with government and community organizations to educate both those seeking immigration assistance and those offering it.

Download DCA's Consumer Guide 
File a complaint against an immigration service provider
Immigration Service Provider Tips and Resources
New York Attorney General Schneiderman Issues Alert On Potential Scams As Federal Immigration Policy Goes Into Effect