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The Benefits of Locating Within an Industrial Business Zone

At the core of the Administration’s industrial policy is the creation and support of the City’s Industrial Business Zones (IBZs).   These geographic areas were built largely upon the preexisting In-Place Industrial Parks to better reflect industrial land uses within the City. There are sixteen IBZs. Details on the public process employed to create the IBZs are here.

The IBZs represent areas in which the City provides expanded assistance services to industrial firms in partnership with local development groups.  In addition, IBZs reflect a commitment by the City not to support the re-zoning of industrial land for residential use within these areas. More detailed zone-specific information is available by clicking on the appropriate area in the citywide map.

The primary benefits of locating within an IBZ are described in detail below:

Industrial Business Solutions Providers and Services

Industrial Business Solutions Providers will offer industrial firms free, quick and reliable answers to a broad range of business questions including accessing appropriate financial and business assistance programs, navigating and complying with regulatory requirements, developing workforces and ensuring the neighborhood is well maintained. To find the IBSP serving your industrial area, click on the appropriate area in the citywide map.

To see the complete list of all Industrial Business Solutions Providers, please click here.

Creating Real Estate Certainty

In the IBZs, the Bloomberg Administration has guaranteed not to support the rezoning of industrial property for residential use. This will alleviate real estate uncertainty. In addition, the City is strengthening zoning enforcement through increased monitoring and inspection of illegally converted buildings. It is also pursuing greater financial penalties for illegal conversions and issuing appropriate violations and rescinding permits for illegal activity at construction sites. All reports of illegally converted buildings should be directed through 311.

The Tax Credit

A one-time tax credit of $1,000 per relocated employee is available to help industrial and manufacturing firms that relocate to one of the City’s sixteen IBZs.  Only firms that moved into an IBZ after July 1, 2005 are eligible.  The tax credit is to be applied against the firm’s City tax liability and cannot exceed the lesser of actual relocation costs or $100,000.  Click here for additional eligibility criteria.

Firms can claim the tax credit on either their General Corporation Tax (GCT) or Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT).  The following hyperlinks are for the 2007 tax year: GCT filers can find the IBZ tax credit in Form 9.6. UBT filers can find the IBZ tax credit in Form 114.6.

Some IBZs include adjacent Industrial Ombudsman Areas which include a greater mix of uses.  Business assistance services are provided in both types of areas.  However, Ombudsman Areas do not receive the tax credits nor are they subject to the same commitments on rezoning.

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