Why Do I Need an ID?

Get a JobGet a Job
Your employers will need you to show proof of identity before you start working.
Cash a CheckCash a Check
You need a photo ID to cash a personal or payroll check.
Open a Bank AccountOpen a Bank Account
Most banks ask for your Social Security number and a government-issued ID.
Get an ApartmentGet an Apartment
A photo ID is required to sign a lease.
Apply for CollegeApply for College
Colleges ask for Social Security numbers, and may ask for photo ID.
Travel on an AirplaneTravel on an Airplane
Adult passengers have to show government-issued ID to board a flight.
Receive Public Benefits such as Health InsuranceReceive Public Benefits such as Health Insurance
To be eligible for some public benefits you need to prove your identity, age and residence.
Enter Government Buildings for Meetings and AppointmentsEnter Government Buildings for Meetings and Appointments
You need photo ID to enter some government facilities.
Get a Library CardGet a Library Card
You need to prove your identity and your residence to get a library card.
Get Discounts at Museums and Theme ParksGet Discounts at Museums and Theme Parks
If you can prove that you’re under a certain age, you can get deals on museum and theme park admissions.
Get a Gym MembershipGet a Gym Membership
Some gyms require official photo ID to sign up to be a member.
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