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New York City Global Partners sponsors international summits on important urban policy issues. Convened in New York City under the Bloomberg Administration, they serve as platforms for global cities to learn from one another and share their best practices. Summit panels are developed with experts from several global cities. These meetings bring together mayoral delegations composed of varied perspectives from local and federal government, academia and the private sector.

May 2013
Digital Cities (co-sponsor)

June 2012
Public Integrity: Anti-Corruption Strategies, Economic Development and Good Governance
Examined priorities and successful strategies of local integrity systems emphasizing municipal government’s role in combating corruption.

November 2011
Business Innovation
Shared strategies to support business creation and new employment opportunities.

November 2010
Urban Education: Innovations in K-12
Analyzed how cities are transforming urban education systems and educating diverse and growing populations that can competed in the 21st century economy.

June 2009
Job Creation and Workforce Development

June 2008
Public Health & Climate Change: the Urban Policy Connection
Addressed urban public health issues related to global warming and highlighted strategic plans

May 2007
C40 Climate Summit (co-sponsor)
Promoted the role of cities in reducing carbon emissions and reversing global climate change

February 2007
Governing a Diverse City in a Democratic Society
Examined how a city with diverse communities can successfully deliver services to all citizens

February 2005
Strategies for Public Art
Explored government strategies to create and fund sustainable public art programs

June 2004
Transforming Government through Technology
Focused on how technology is transforming municipal government services

October 2003
Meeting the Challenges of Terrorism and Crime
Examined the challenges of preventing terrorism and crime and the critical role of international law enforcement networks

February 2003
Rebuilding International Tourism
Shared strategies to rebuild international tourism

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