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A Letter from our President

President Feldberg

Dear Friends:

New York City Global Partners continues to expand our City's interaction with other leading world cities. We are connecting public officials and private citizens through international summits, award-winning student exchanges, and our new Innovation Exchange - an online database where cities share best practices with policymakers worldwide.

Since our transformation from the Sister City Program in 2006, we have built partnerships with more than fifty cities beyond our historic ten sister cities. As our nation's largest and most diverse city - home to the UN headquarters and the center of world finance, banking, culture and media - New York has so much to offer world cities facing many of the same challenges.

We have brought city leaders together to exchange ideas about diverse topics critical to the success of leading cities. From developing tourism and promoting public art to strengthening security and protecting the health of our citizens and our environment, international city leaders have come together to share their experiences as well as learn from the successful initiatives implemented in New York City.

I am pleased to lead New York City Global Partners on behalf of the City of New York and look forward to strengthening our international relationships for the benefit of all New Yorkers.


Professor Meyer Feldberg
New York City Global Partners, Inc.

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