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A Letter from the Mayor of the City of New York

Mayor Bloomberg Dear Friends:

Sharing information is the only way to discover the best solutions to problems, and New York City Global Partners plays a pivotal role in our cooperation with other leading world cities to find ideas that work.

Global Partners continues to grow in exciting ways under the leadership of Professor Meyer Feldberg. Their newest initiative is the Innovation Exchange, an online database of international cities' best practices for today's most pressing issues: climate change, health, diversity, security, tourism, and much more. In New York City, we're very proud of the results we've achieved in these areas, and we look forward to using the Exchange to help other cities enjoy the same success we've had in improving our schools, driving down crime to historic lows, receiving visitors in record numbers, and helping our residents to greater health and longevity.

At the same time, we look forward to learning from others cities through the Exchange and well-established international summits organized by Global Partners – as well as teaching our young residents through Global Partners Junior that the only real solutions are global solutions.

It's regular communication across all continents that will ensure we get the most innovative results with the greatest return: a brighter future for everyone. New York City Global Partners is essential to reaching this goal.



Michael R. Bloomberg

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