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Warning Signs of Abuse

So how would you know if your best friend, teammate, or little sister were a victim of relationship abuse? It can be hard to tell, even with someone you're close to - he or she might be afraid or ashamed to tell you what's going on. Lots of people in abusive relationships think their boyfriend or girlfriend just needs time to change. Unfortunately, things usually get worse instead of better. Here are some warning signs that someone you know may be suffering from relationship abuse:
  • They don't spend time with you or their other friends any more, or tell you that they can't hang out with you anymore.
  • They are constantly checking their cell phone, replying to texts and calls, and get angry or nervous if you ask them to turn it off.
  • They have unexplained scratches or bruises.
  • They are always making excuses for their boyfriend/girlfriend's behavior.
  • They get angry or upset when you ask them how they're doing.
  • They constantly seem worried, distracted, or preoccupied.