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No Kidding Program

Straight Talk from Teen Parents

The Human Resources Administration's No Kidding: Straight Talk from Teen Parents program brings real teen moms and dads to schools throughout New York City to talk about the difficult experience of raising a child, and to encourage teens to wait until they are financially stable adults to have children.

No Kidding's peer educators share their real life stories with the classes they visit. They talk about the hard financial realities of raising a child, and how they can no longer afford many of the things they used to enjoy. Teen fathers in the program talk about the importance of being a responsible dad, and paying child support. The peer educators also talk about the social and emotional costs of raising a child - dealing with their parents' anger and society's judgment, and the fact that they can't see their friends very often anymore. They talk about the relationships that they were in: how those relationships mostly don't survive having a child, and even if they do they're still a challenge to maintain.

The No Kidding peer educators also talk about all the things they wanted to have in their lives before they had children: a college education, a job with a good income, a stable and loving relationship - all things that are difficult to get when you are young. With real stories and interactive activities, No Kidding helps students imagine what it would be like as a teen parent, and shows why it's better to wait until you're an adult.