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Department of the Aging  

The Department for the Aging will partner with the Health and Hospitals Corporation to develop an intergenerational mentoring pilot designed to support new and/or young fathers at our city’s public hospitals.  This program will pair DFTA’s “Foster Grandparents” and mature men mature men recruited from the community with young and/or expectant fathers, engaging and guiding them as they prepare for and experience fatherhood for the first time.  This mentoring program will encourage their active involvement in the lives of their children.

If you are a New Yorker, 60 and over, important areas of your life could well be enhanced by options offered through the Department for the Aging.

There are choices that help toward more independence and challenges for greater productivity. For example, you may need a home-delivered meal or home care services; or you may seek employment that is rewarding.

You may want to volunteer your services to others, join a local senior center, or participate in a Department event. Or maybe you just need solid answers to some vital questions from a reliable source.

The Department for the Aging's Web site lists programs and services tailored to a variety of specific needs that many of the 1.3 million older New Yorkers may want now or in the future.

For more information about DFTA, click here.