Claims & Collections

Claims and Collections is one of the revenue divisions within HRA's Investigation, Revenue and Enforcement Administration. It is responsible for pursuing the collection of monies owed by current and former HRA clients who received cash assistance (CA) or Medicaid. C&C also monitors the repayment of these claims.

This unit's responsibilities include responding to billing inquiries, researching and documenting claims, monitoring and tracking the receipt of funds related to these claims, and taking action to pursue the collection of unpaid balances.

Submit all payments to the following address:

New York City
Human Resources Administration
Division of Claims and Collections
P.O. Box 414312
Boston, MA 02241-4312
Submit a change to your billing address online.
Contact Claims & Collections if you have questions or need assistance.
Phone: 212-274-4943
E-mail: Contact Division of Claims and Collections
Mail: Human Resource Administration Investigation, Revenue and Enforcement Administration Office of Revenue and Administration Division of Claims and Collections 250 Church Street, 12th floor New York, NY 10013