Eligibility Data and Image Transfer System (EDITS)

This system is for all authorized submitters and providers for Medical Assistance Program (MAP).

The purpose of this page is to describe the procedures and requirements for the submitter of Medicaid applications to participate in HRA/DSS's Eligibility Data and Image Transfer System (EDITS). EDITS automates the current paper flow between submitters and HRA/DSS's Medical Insurance and Community Services Administration (MICSA) with electronic transfer of data and images and eligibility determinations. Instead of sending hard-copy application packages, the authorized submitter will electronically transmit (in approved formats) data streams of application information and images of verification documents. This document details the requirements in order to participate in EDITS. The page contains a project overview and a submitter's specification document. The submitter specification document is divided into connectivity methods, application batch submission routines, and receipt of the notification messages and instruction from EDITS. Each submitter must pass a certification process in order to participate. The process would ensure that the format of the files received follows the required format, and that the pass/fail rate meets the 90% acceptance mark.

To indicate an interest in participating in HRA/DSS's Eligibility Data and Image Transfer System (EDITS), complete the form with all necessary information. Also click on icons to access EDITS's Submitter Specifications and participation overview documents.

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