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Hiring Incentives

Employer Incentives Plus Program

Did you know that employers may qualify to receive wage subsidies equal to 60% of an employee’s gross monthly salary (up to $ 600 per month) for a maximum of three months?

Cut Your Labor Costs
Employers that do business in New York can trim their labor costs through several New York State workforce and economic development programs. Employment-based tax credits save your business money by cutting federal and state liability. You may obtain tax credit savings from $750 to $9,000 simply by hiring one targeted worker.
 >Learn more about the NY State Department of Labor Business Services, Work Opportunity Tax Credit 

What is Employer Incentives Plus? 
Employer Incentives Plus, administered by NYC Business Link, provides financial incentives to encourage and promote the employment of public assistance recipients to offset the cost of hiring new employees. Employer Incentives Plus provides a substantial wage subsidy to employers who hire public assistance recipients for full- or part-time positions. Participating employers may qualify to receive wage subsidies equal to 60% of an employee’s gross monthly salary (up to $600.00 per month) for a maximum of three months. The current minimum wage rate is $9.00.

How do companies participate?
Contact NYC Business Link/Employer Incentives Plus today to get started:

Anthony Sanchez
Email NYC Business Link

Participating employers will be assigned a liaison who will work with them every step of the way.

How do companies identify qualified candidates?
The NYC Business Link team will recruit, pre-screen, and refer candidates they believe are appropriate for your positions (based on the requirements you specify) and pre-qualify them for Employer Incentives Plus. Employers are under no obligation to hire candidates referred by NYC Business Link. Employers may also identify their own candidates and submit their names to evaluate whether they qualify. To arrange for NYC Business Link to recruit candidates for job openings at your company, call: NYC Business Link‘s Director of Business Development at 212-643-2881 ext. 3104.

How quickly can companies receive payment?
Payments are processed within four to six weeks.