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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development


HPD works with the City's Procurement Policy Board to obtain a variety of goods, services, and construction, which are generally obtained through a bid or proposal solicitation process. This process offers the opportunity for equitable participation by businesses throughout the City.

The procedures for the procurement of small purchases vary significantly from those for large purchases, and each process is clearly defined in the City's Procurement Policy Board Rules. Small purchases involve procurement for supplies, goods/services, construction/construction related services, and information technology with a value of not more than $100,000. Any procurement valued in excess of these amounts is considered a large purchase.

This section explains how to do business with HPD.

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 Training and Technical Assistance Service Contract for Housing Development Fund Corporations (“HDFC”), Tenant Interim Lease (“TIL”) and Affordable Neighborhood Cooperative Program (“ANCP”) Concept PaperPURPOSE
This concept paper is a precursor to the New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”) forthcoming Training and Technical Assistance contract for limited equity cooperative programs (HDFC, TIL, and ANCP) Request for Proposals, with a projected release for the Fall of 2014. The Training and Technical Assistance Service contract will provide a means for household residents to cultivate and maximize skills necessary to successfully sustain and develop housing activities beneficial to maintaining effective limited equity cooperatives. Through the RFP, HPD seeks to promote an improved quality of life in housing for New Yorkers.  HPD’s new program model emphasizes the engagement of households in leadership and educational opportunities to improve building and financial management capabilities, organizational skills, and building maintenance skills. This new model also prioritizes the engagement of “at-risk” buildings with vulnerable tenant organizations which do not meet HPD’s performance standards. This includes, but is not limited to: timely financial reporting and organized record keeping as well as regular tenant meetings and team work, which enhance the City-wide mission of ensuring the availability of quality affordable housing. The Training and Technical Assistance Service contract reinforces fundamental expectations of accountability for outcomes through individual and collective responsibility and respect, skills improvement, education and practices, designed to further the likelihood of viable, functional and affordable housing for participating households in all of New York’s neighborhoods and communities.
The RFP will seek appropriately qualified organizations with strong ties to the housing community and other necessary, institutional or individual, connections geared to meet the Training and Technical Assistance Services needs of participants in the City of New York’s limited equity cooperative programs (HDFC, TIL and ANCP).  Training and Technical Assistance Services will be provided at the contractor’s designated training facilities and at buildings located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. 


Goals and Objectives

The HPD goals and objectives for this RFP are to promote an improved quality of housing for New Yorkers, by engaging with the residents of TIL, ANCP, and HDFC programs, through:

  • Training in building management and maintenance;
  •  Improving financial management and reporting capabilities;
  •  Promoting the understanding and performance of a Tenant Association and the roles of its members, officers and participants; and
  •  The improvement and strength of Tenants’ Associations residents and household members’ abilities to work together effectively, by stimulating group dynamics that target: functioning, de-escalating conflict, working cohesively to manage and maintain responsibilities and staying in compliance with program and/or regulatory requirements.

Target Population
The target population to be served in this RFP are tenant association members and residents in buildings which are participating in one of the HPD limited equity cooperative programs (HDFC, TIL or ANCP).  The households are culturally, economically and educationally diverse; a rich population representative of New York’s varied cross sections.  The contractor is expected to provide services in the following geographic areas: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.    New York has the nation’s lowest homeownership rate with nearly 70% of the population renting.  HPD’s commitment to the tenant ownership program, initiated approximately 40 years ago, is integral to giving New York households a stake in their homes and communities.  HPD recognizes that the limited equity cooperative program is a means of raising household assets, fostering neighborhood stability and expanding the supply of affordable housing.  HPD is also aware of the myriad of challenges that put some program participants at risk of dropping from the program and is seeking providers who can offer expertise, creativity and experience in developing and operating training and technical assistance services that achieve desired outcomes and meet HPD’s standards and mission goals programmatically and as a matter of public policy.
Proposed Program Approach
In collaboration with the selected contractor(s), HPD will develop a model that provides a platform of training and technical assistance services for its target group of buildings and tenant association members and households.  HPD expects that the contractor(s) will work concurrently to help TIL, ANCP and HDFC program participants with useful services specifically designed and offered to meet program guidelines, compliance requirements and HPD’s concerns.  Although HPD is not requiring specific approaches from potential Contractor(s), HPD is making the following assumptions about the program approach:

  •  Contractor(s) will implement a structured, individualized program for each service area (organizing, building management, group dynamics, financial management and building maintenance) and each cooperative model (TIL,ANCP and HDFC) designed to simultaneously build on the participating tenant association households’ strengths and to convey clearly: skills, expectations, limits and guidance.
  •  Contractor(s) will provide a catalogue of focused skills-training, education programs and exercises that are linked to outcomes consistent with the goals of the RFP.
  •  Contractor(s) will be required to design methods of securing Tenant Associations’ households participation in education programs, tenants meetings, committees, Board Elections, and other structured daily behaviors or activities that adhere to implementing tools that successfully contribute to running the individual buildings and meeting the goals of an effective and stable resident run housing cooperative.
  •  Contractor(s) will simultaneously interact with Board Members and Tenant Association residents to reinforce the overall mission of the housing program and the necessity of mastering the ability to fulfill programmatic expectations.
    • Contractor(s) will in its on-going operations create an environment that promotes tolerance to diversity including culture, language, points of view and education.
  •  Contractor(s) will weave into its programming for all buildings and Tenants’ Associations with assets linked to HDFC, TIL and ANCP: mandatory compliance with governing Federal, State, and City laws; and adherence to anti-corruption policies and requirements.
  •  Contractor(s) will ensure that staff visits “at-risk” buildings, focusing on necessary skills development that addresses and overcomes immediate problems within a 30 day work cycle, using directed intervention, and escaping deterioration from manageable situations to unmanageable crises.
  •  Contractor(s) will effectively integrate and employ the use of its facilities in the operation of the program model.
  •  Contractor(s) must accept all referrals from HPD regarding specific Tenant Association buildings or resident households that are susceptible to programmatic termination or are noncompliant with HPD or other regulatory rules and consequently, work continuously and creatively to engage the residents in deliverable services designed to meet the benchmarks of the RFP.
  •  Contractor(s) will have a process of systematic collection of information for program participants that is shaped by specific Tenant Association profiles and assessments, building conditions, neighborhood features, staffing levels and interaction, and Tenants’ Associations resident’s feedback of their experiences to ensure services are being implemented with fidelity to the program’s intent and structure.

The contractor will be required to submit for performance assessment, all  program related documentation, including, but not limited: to the electronic reports, assessments, tenant sign-in sheets and other pertinent documents, personnel files, program logs associated with the facilities and staffing supervision critical to the program’s implementation or as requested by HPD.

HPD anticipates awarding up to two (2) contracts for the Training and Technical Assistance Program.
Proposals will be evaluated pursuant to criteria specified in the RFP. This will include the quality of the proposer’s approach and program design for each key service area comprising the Training and Technical Assistance program. In addition, the evaluation will assess the proposer’s successful, relevant experience providing similar services. Proposals will also be evaluated based on the organization’s staffing model and organizational structure as it relates to capacity to deliver these services.

HPD will award contracts to the responsible proposers whose proposals are determined to be the most advantageous to the City, taking into consideration the price and such other factors or criteria set forth in the RFP.


It is anticipated that contract(s) awarded from the RFP will have a contract start date of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2018, with two (2) additional three-year (3) options to renew at HPD’s sole discretion.

The available annual funding for the contracts awarded from this RFP is approximately $1,040,000. HPD anticipates that the values of the two contracts will be as follows:

Service Option 1 (Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens): $668,000
Service Option 2(Bronx): $372,000


It is anticipated that the payment structure of the contract(s) awarded from this RFP will be based on a line-item budget.  HPD welcomes comments from potential proposers or other interested parties on the planned payment approach and will consider alternate approaches.

It is anticipated that the RFP will be released by fall 2014.  A pre-proposal conference will be held approximately two weeks after the release of the RFP.  The Proposal due date will be approximately 5 weeks after the pre-proposal conference.  It is anticipated that the contractor(s) will be selected by Winter of 2015.


To respond to the forthcoming Training and Technical Assistance RFP and all other Client and Community Services (“CCS”) Requests for Proposals (RFPs), vendors must first complete and submit an electronic prequalification application using the City’s Health and Human Services (“HHS”) Accelerator System. The HHS Accelerator System is a web-based system maintained by the City of New York for use by its Human Services Agencies to manage procurements.
Only organizations with approved HHS Accelerator Business Application and Service Applications for one or more of the following will be eligible to propose:

  • Facility Management
  • Housing
  • Outreach
  • Community Engagement
  • Language Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Case Management
  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation
  • Financial Counseling
  • Preventive Services
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

To submit a Business and Service application to become eligible to apply for this and other CCS RFPs, please visit  

All comments regarding this concept report must be received no later than October 27, 2014.  Comments should be sent via e-mail to:
NEW YORK, NY 10038

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