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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development


HPD works with the City's Procurement Policy Board to obtain a variety of goods, services, and construction, which are generally obtained through a bid or proposal solicitation process. This process offers the opportunity for equitable participation by businesses throughout the City.

The procedures for the procurement of small purchases vary significantly from those for large purchases, and each process is clearly defined in the City's Procurement Policy Board Rules. Small purchases involve procurement for supplies, goods/services, construction/construction related services, and information technology with a value of not more than $100,000. Any procurement valued in excess of these amounts is considered a large purchase.

This section explains how to do business with HPD.

Learn how to do business with HPD  


WEB-BASED FSS SYSTEM - Request for Information – PIN #  806141000637

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is issuing this Request For Information (RFI) seeking interested parties to provide hosted, web based, commercially available Family Self-Sufficiency (“FSS”) Case Management Software to support its FSS operations in compliance with HUD Section 8 requirements. Assumptions regarding this software include the following:

1. Provides Section 8 FSS Case management functionality;
2. Interfaces with Emphasys Software Solutions, Inc.’s Emphasys Elite System (HPD’s Section 8 case management software);
3. Has functionality that does not overlap that of Elite and is FSS oriented;
4. Allows import of information from Elite pertaining to its FSS participants;
5. Facilitates the collection and recording of HPD’s Community Based Organization (“CBO”) contractors’ activities, milestones, and participants’ progress;
6. Facilitates inter-CBO communication;
7. Does not require duplicate data entry;
8. Provides reporting on tenant progress, CBO activities, as well as HUD required reporting ;
9. Is hosted by the vendor and is accessible by HPD staff, its agents, and CBOs via a secure internet connection;
10. Is compatible with the Windows 7 operating system and MS SQL database; and
11. Securely transmits and stores HPD’s data at all times.

In addition, interested parties are informed that the Agency may require customization of the software solution on an as needed basis.

Firms who believe they have a web-based commercially available software system that can meet the Agency’s assumptions as stated above, are requested to send written information, no later than April 28, 2014 at 5PM, addressing the above requirements (excluding of pricing information), by mail or e-mail to the Agency contact.

City of New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development

Ms. Lynn Lewis, Deputy Agency Chief Contracting Officer

100 Gold Street, Room 8B-06

New York, NY 10038

Please Note:
(1)This request is for informational purposes only, and a contract award will not result from the responses received to this RFI. (2) The agency will not reimburse any interested party for costs incurred in the preparation of a response, related discussions or presentations in connection with the RFI. (3) All Submissions Must Be Marked With the Pin # on the Envelope

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