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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

Doing Business With HPD

Process for Procurement

Small Purchases

For housing maintenance and repairs as well as demolition small purchases, Contractors are selected from a pre-qualified panel of vendors established by the Contractor Compliance Unit (CCU) of HPD. To obtain pre-qualified status, contractors must complete appropriate forms and submit relevant licenses, references etc. to the CCU. For further information on how to get onto the pre-qualified panel, contact the Contractor Compliance Unit at 212-863-7815.

The pre-qualified panel is distinguished by various categories, depending on the type of work to be performed. A list of at least five randomly selected contractors is solicited unless the pre-qualified panel consists of fewer than five suppliers, in which case all the suppliers on the list are solicited. Awards are made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidders.

For purchases outside the pre-qualified panel, vendors are solicited through the NYC Vendor Enrollment Center. To get on the mailing list for NY contract opportunities, visit the Web site at or call 212-857-1680, for further information.

Large Purchases

Large purchases are awarded through the issuance of competitive sealed bids; negotiated acquisitions and requests for proposals. The most common form of large purchase procurement issued by the agency is via competitive sealed bids. Advertisements of contract opportunities are done via directly mailed notices, publication in the City Record Newspaper and on the World Wide Web. The NYC Home page is and HPD's Home Page is

Contractors are also solicited through the Citywide Vendor's List maintained by the NYC Vendor Enrollment Center. To get on the mailing list for NY contract opportunities, visit the Web site at or call 212-857-1680, for further information. Once included in the City's database, HPD will notify contractors of upcoming contract opportunities. Demolition contractors, however, are solicited from HPD's Pre-Qualified Lists.

For some large purchases, Contractors may be required to submit bid security at the time of bidding. This requirement is described in the particular bid package. Most contracts for which bid security is required also require Payment and Performance Bonds upon contract award. In addition, there are insurance requirements for general liability coverage, worker's compensation and automobile liability. The 'Information for Bidders' document included in every bid package will clearly indicate the requirements of each solicitation. [See Insurance Requirements]. Contractors must factor into their bid prices all costs associated with applicable insurance and bonding requirements as well as factors of inflation.

Bid packages are available to contractors at a non-refundable cost of $25.00. However, prospective contractors may review bid documents at the offices of HPD if they do not wish to purchase them.

Attendance at Pre-Bid Conferences is always strongly encouraged for all solicitations. Contractors are also reminded that bid opening times are strictly adhered to and that concessions are not usually granted for late submission of bids.

Submission of VENDEX and Equal Opportunity (EO) documents may be required by apparent low responsive Bidders. See 'VENDEX' and 'Equal Opportunity (EO) Packages' for further details.

In many cases, when contracts are awarded to new contractors to HPD, a Post-Award Meeting is held where procedures for invoicing and payments, explanations and interpretation of purchase orders, performance expectations etc., are explained in detail.

New York City Procurement Policy Board Rules
NYC.GOV Information for Vendors, including the Vendor Enrollment Application


Local Law 5 of 1991 requires businesses to provide background information when they are being considered for an award of a contract valued at $100,000 or more, a contract awarded on a sole source basis valued at $10,000 or more, and/or if the aggregate City business of a contractor over the preceding twelve months totals $100,000 or more. This information is collected from a contractor's response to the questions in the VENDEX questionnaires. A questionnaire may also be required to apply to a pre-qualified vendor list if the program determines that it is possible that a contractor may be awarded contracts in excess of $100,000 in a twelve month period.

VENDEX questionnaires

Insurance Requirements

Suppliers of goods and services are required to indemnify the City against any liability arising from the contractual activities and to provide insurance against such liability. The specific types of insurance policies required, their limits and terms, and the necessary proof of insurance to be provided will be spelled out in the contract documents. The City generally does not reimburse contractors for insurance premiums, so this cost must be built into the bid or proposal price.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Vendors can now sign up for electronic funds transfer. City payments will be deposited directly into a vendor's account of choice. Funds will appear in the account within two business days of processing. No more lost checks or delays due to misrouted mail. It's safe, secure and easy to enroll.

Enroll in Vendor Payment Direct Deposit Program

How to Get on HPD’s Vendor List

To obtain pre-qualification status for small purchases and demolition, contact the Contractor Compliance Unit, 100 Gold St., Room 6-J, New York, NY 10038. Hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Applications must be completed by an owner or officer of the company.

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-7815

Download an application (.PDF)

Pre-Qualification Application for General Construction Contractors to Work with HPD Loan Programs

General construction contractors who are interested in performing work for many of the HPD Loan Programs must submit an application. Your company must be fairly large with the ability to perform million dollar contracts. Your firm will hire all of the subcontractors, perform work with your own employees and provide supervision.

Your application along with supporting documents will be reviewed for eligibility. If your firm is deemed eligible, an interview will be scheduled.

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-7486

Download an application (.PDF)

Opportunities for Small, Local, Minority and Women Owned Firms

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development is committed to the goals and strategies of Local Law 129, which established the City’s Minority and Women Business Enterprise Program.

For more information on certification and business opportunities, click here

Pre-Award Conferences

Weekly Pre-Award Conferences inform contractors of the equal opportunity, labor, business outreach, and fair housing mandates included in agency contracts. All contractors, both prime and lower tier, entering into contracts or loan agreements with HPD are required to attend the conference once every two years. Please call the number below to schedule.

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-7928

Equal Opportunity (EO) Packages

The Labor Standards Unit (LSU) of the Division of Architecture, Construction and Engineering (DACE) is responsible for processing the equal opportunity documents, commonly referred to as the EO package. The EO package verifies a firm's awareness of equal opportunity, labor standards and fair housing which are incorporated in the awarded contract. The EO package is a requirement of all prime and lower tier contractors.

The submitted documents are reviewed for completion. If the firm is found to be in compliance, an EO contract clearance document is generated and issued for contract registration. In addition, a representative of the contracting firm attends a Pre-Award Conference once every two years. Questions regarding EO clearances should first be directed to the HPD program area with which contractors are working.

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-7137

HPD Enforces Labor Standards

Labor Standards is a general term for a group of federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding such issues as health and safety standards, the minimum wage hours of work, overtime, child labor, record keeping and prevailing wages. The Labor Standards Unit (LSU) monitors agency (HPD) projects for compliance with the Labor Standards and Equal Opportunity Provisions, including Federal (Davis-Bacon) and City and State (Section 220, 230) wages.

LSU investigators conduct site visits to gather data on wages, hours of work and other employment conditions. Staff reviews payrolls, investigate complaints, and make referrals to the Comptroller's Office and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Recently the Division instituted a procedure prohibiting contractors from bidding new contract(s) if prior underpayments are outstanding. This policy has assisted in the contractor being more responsive in resolving their issues.

Contact the Labor Standards Unit for information relating to Equal Opportunity Documents, Labor Standards, wage rates, or to file a complaint.

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-7137

Vendor Payment Issues

If you are a contractor who has questions regarding the status of payment for work performed or other issues related to invoices, checks or vouchers you can call (212) 863-6879. If you are a Section 8 Owner or Managing Agent who has questions regarding the status of a monthly Housing Assistance Payment you can call (917) 286-4300. Questions relating to individual tenants, their approved monthly payment amounts, adjustments or comments that appear on the payment register should be addressed to the Owner Assistance Unit at (917) 286-4300.

Vendors can now sign up for electronic funds transfer. City payments will be deposited directly into a vendor's account of choice. Funds will appear in the account within two business days of processing.

Enroll in Vendor Payment Direct Deposit Program

Human Services Providers



Consistent with the City’s policies favoring transparency and accountability for providers of human services, the  agency’s Fiscal Manual makes readily available applicable fiscal policies and procedures. 

The agency’s Fiscal Manual for Human Services providers can be accessed using the link below.


To respond to human services Requests for Proposals (RFPs) released Fall 2013 and later, a simple, electronic prequalification application must be submitted using the City’s new Health and Human Services (HHS) Accelerator System. The HHS Accelerator System is a web-based system maintained by the City of New York for use by its human services Agencies to manage procurement.

Important information about the new method

  • Prequalification applications are required every three years but we strongly recommend that documents be kept current to speed the award process
  • Documents related to annual corporate filings must be submitted on an annual basis to remain eligible to compete in RFPs
  • Prequalification applications will be reviewed to ensure timeliness of corporate filings, organizational capacity and relevant service experience
  • Approved organizations will be eligible to compete in RFPs and can submit electronic proposals through the system.

 RFPs which will be managed by HHS Accelerator are listed on the NYC Procurement Roadmap located at All current and prospective vendors should frequently review information listed on roadmap to take full advantage of upcoming opportunities for funding. 

To sign up for training on the new system, and for additional information about HHS Accelerator, including background materials, user guides and video tutorials, please visit  

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