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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

My Rights and Responsibilities

For information on your rights:

For information on allowable rents for rent regulated apartments, explanations of rent control and rent stabilization, and filing a grievance for rent that you believe is too high, contact the NYS Department of Housing and Community Rebuilding (DHCR). Visit DHCR's Web site 

The New York City Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) also may have useful and helpful information.
Visit RGB's Web site

Useful Information about Housing Rules and Regulations for Building Owners and Tenants: ABCs of Housing

For legal help:

Housing discrimination issues

Citywide Task Force on Housing Court

Housing Court

Tenant Responsibilities 

Tenants also have responsibilities to their building owners and their apartments. They may not damage the building, intentionally or through neglect. Tenants are also responsible for the actions of their guests. Finally, tenants must obey the terms of their lease, pay rent on time and honor the rights of other tenants.

Owner Entry 

Owners have the right to access a tenant’s apartment in order to perform repairs and/or inspections provided that access is at a reasonable time and in a reasonable manner.

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