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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
Residential Tenants

Residential Tenants

In New York City, renters and landlords have rights and responsibilities to maintain residential property.  These rights and responsibilities are outlined in many codes and laws.  The Department of Housing Preservation and Development is responsible for enforcing the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law and the New York City Housing Maintenance Code.  These laws outline the rights and responsibilities of renters and property owners regarding the maintenance of property.  Issues covered by these codes which you can get more information about include:

You can also find out some general information about housing code requirements, other sources of housing related information and general information on how HPD works by reviewing these documents/links.

If you are interested in information about a specific property, use our HPDONLINE tool to find out about complaints, violations, registration, emergency repair charges and litigation. 

If you want to visit one of our offices, which are located throughout the five boroughs, view our locations here. 

If you are a rent-controlled or rent-stabilized tenant, or if you are a landlord with rent-controlled or rent-stabilized tenants, and want to find out about your rights, please be advised that that information is available on the website of the New York State Division of Homes and Community Renewal.  

If your question is about elevators, filing plans for renovations, demolitions, or violations about structural conditions, please review the Department of Buildings website at The Department of Buildings is responsible for the enforcement of the New York City Building Code and the New York City Construction Codes. The NYC Department of Buildings ensures the safe and lawful use of over 975,000 buildings and properties by enforcing the City's Construction Codes, including the Building Code, , Electrical Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code and Fuel Gas Code, the Zoning Resolution, New York State Labor Law and New York State Multiple Dwelling Law.

The HPD Web site also provides information for residential owners who are interested in renting apartments to tenants who receive Section 8 rental assistance. There is also information for residential owners who already have Section 8 tenants, click here

If you would like to obtain information about loans or other financial assistance which may be available, click here.  

HPD encourages everyone to vote. Click here for more information.

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