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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
Section 8

Section 8 Information- FSS Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) assists households receiving Section 8 subsidies from HPD to become economically independent. The FSS Program offers participants the opportunity to accumulate substantial savings that result from earnings increases, and are available to participants upon successful graduation from the program. In addition, the FSS Program provides referrals for vocational education, GED and English as a Second Language classes, continuing education courses, and employment counseling.

The Career Advancement Program (CAP) provides adult family members participating in FSS access to career planning and job training through LaGuardia Community College's Division of Adult and Continuing Education. Participants receive assessments from job counselors who help clients identify employment goals and work with them to improve related job skills. In addition, CAP participants are assisted in job hunting and interviewing.

HPD's FSS Program is only available to tenants receiving Section 8 issued by HPD. Tenants receiving Section 8 from the New York City Housing Authority or the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal should contact those agencies for information about their FSS programs.

PHONE NUMBER: (917) 286-4300

Personal Story

Albert Raymond Perez, participant in the FSS program
Albert Raymond Perez is a 25 year old man with a clear vision of his future, "achieving a better life style" through a career in business as a retail store manager or entrepreneur. Mr. Perez has lived on his own since his parents passed away when he was 19. He was homeless until four years ago, when he was fortunate to get a room with a private bath and kitchen at Turning Point Housing. Now he has a Section 8 voucher and his first short-term goal was to get a job and save up money to pay for an apartment. His second goal was to get a college degree.

While living at Turning Point Housing, Mr. Perez was able to get his high school diploma through the University School of Bridgeport Connecticut distance-learning program. In December 2003, he joined HPD's FSS Career Advancement Program (CAP) at LaGuardia Community College. He received career counseling and developed a 5-year career plan. Mr. Perez was referred to the College Prep Program that assisted him with applying to college, including filling out financial aid forms. They arranged for him to participate in the College Discovery Program, which provided an individual counselor, study workshops, free individual tutoring and stipends for books and travel. Mr. Perez has been attending LaGuardia Community College as a Business Administration major since September 2003. Mr. Perez said, "college is taking me to another level…it will put me in a good position." He finds it challenging because "I don't have a lot of experience being in school."

The CAP employment specialist helped him create a resume and plan for job interviews. The CAP job developer helped him get immediate part-time employment for $6.50/hour. One year later, the job developer helped him get a better job at UPS for $8.50/hour with benefits and reimbursement for his college courses. Mr. Perez said the job is important to "get him stable" but also because "it's about business and I can see how businesses are run."

Working with Community Colleges to Link Welfare to Work (WtW)/Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Families to Employment Opportunities in New York, NY


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