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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

Press Release # 10-07
Thursday, April 12, 2007

Neill McG. Coleman (212) 863-8076


“The Alternative Enforcement Program creates an innovative new tool to target and fix some of the worst buildings in the city. It will strengthen our commitment to ensure landlords meet their obligation to provide decent and safe housing for tenants. New York City’s emergency repair program is by far the largest in the nation. The Alternative Enforcement Program will fill a gap in HPD’s broad and aggressive enforcement program by targeting the small percentage of buildings that generate a large percentage of HPD’s current emergency repair work. It will increase the pressure on the owners of those buildings to make repairs. If they do not, HPD will step in and conduct emergency repair work to address underlying problems in the buildings, avoiding the need for us to go back to the building again and again to correct similar problems.  Well-maintained, quality housing is a mainstay of Mayor Bloomberg's $7.5 billion New Housing Marketplace Plan to fund the rehabilitation and construction of 165,000 apartments and homes over ten years. The Plan is working: according to the US Census, housing maintenance conditions across the city are the best on record.”

Shaun Donovan

Commissioner, NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development



In Fiscal Year 2006 HPD:

  • Spent $10 million in Emergency Repair charges (average cost of an emergency repair was $966)
  • Over 90% of Emergency Repair Charges are collected from building owners
  • Completed nearly 600,000 inspections
  • Issued 582,000 housing maintenance code violations
  • Removed 643,000 housing maintenance code violations
  • Collected $4.2 million in judgments and settlements

HPD has:

  • Over 400 housing inspectors
  • Over 40 attorneys in its Housing Litigation Division, bringing cases to Housing Court


The Alternative Enforcement Program

  • Will target 200 distressed buildings per year, selected according to a criteria.
  • In the first year the criteria will be:

-25 or more hazardous or immediately hazardous housing maintenance code violations within the previous two years

-And a ratio of five hazardous or immediately hazardous violations per unit within the previous two years

-And unpaid emergency repair charges of more than $100 per unit in the previous 2 years

  • HPD will hire approximately 50 new staff members to implement the Alternative Enforcement Program
  • The cost to HPD could potentially be approximately $70 million for the first 7 years.   This estimate does not deduct money that could be recouped through fees and emergency repair charges.


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