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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
Press Room


December 21, 2000

Press Contacts: Carol Abrams (212) 863-5176
Kim Brown (212) 863-8076

NYC HPD Announces Selection of Developers to Create Significant Homeownershipand Retail Opportunities in HarlemMore than 1,600 Condos, Co-ops and Rental Apartments PlannedCommunity Board Input Led the Process; Harlem-Based Teams to Develop the Sites

New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) CommissionerJerilyn Perine today announced the selection of 21 development teams to rehabilitatevacant city-owned multi-family buildings for homeownership and rental housing,to develop vacant city-owned land with new mid-rise co-op and condo residentialbuildings, and to add retail and community facility space in Harlem. The plansinclude two large daycare centers, a television production studio, and possibleoffice space for the National Basketball Players Association.

The plans include:

  • Completing the revitalization of West 148th Street, which had the highestconcentration of City-owned vacant buildings, with co-ops and rental apartmentsaffordable to moderate income families
  • Amenities such as "smart" wiring for high-speed internet access
  • A senior housing complex on East 131st and 132nd Streets
  • Housing is awarded by a lottery monitored by HPD
  • Residents of the community have preference in the lottery for at least30% of the units
  • 101,000 square feet of commercial/retail space

The developers were chosen in response to two "Requests for Proposals" issuedby HPD under the Vacant Building 2000 and the Cornerstone II Programs. The competitiveselection process was based on the quality and innovation of the proposed design,participation of local entities and residents in the development team, creationof owner-occupied units, the extent and quality of the applicants' development/constructionand management experience, and the strength and feasibility of the proposed financing.

Rehabilitation work on the Vacant Buildings properties will start in Summer2001. New construction is slated to begin in Fall 2001.

"The City has invested $300 million in housing in Harlem since 1994," saidCommissioner Perine. "The new development we are talking about today is sweepingin its scope because it encompasses almost all of the remaining city-owned vacantbuildings and lots in Harlem. More than 60% of the new housing will be co-opsand condos which will allow many New York families to own their own home forthe first time. There was recent evidence of the demand when 4,000 people appliedfor 241 co-ops we sponsored on West 116th Street. I'm happy to add that in thenew developments, as well as all HPD-sponsored housing, at least 30% of theunits are reserved for current residents of the community."

Commissioner Perine expressed her appreciation to everyone involved, and particularlyto Community Boards 10 and 11 and the area's elected officials for their rolein the planning process.

People interested in owning their own home should call HPD's public informationline at (212) 863-8000 and request a homeownership kit. People who would liketo rent should call HPD's Affordable Housing Hotline at (212) 863-5610. Theinformation is also on HPDÍs website at

Please see the attached charts for details on the development plans.

HPD's mission is to promote quality housing and viable neighborhoods for NewYorkers. The department is the nation's largest municipal housing developmentagency. Since Fiscal Year 1994, the agency has completed the construction orrehabilitation of nearly 65,000 units of affordable housing.





Site Location




61 Lenox Avenue

63 Lenox Avenue (vacant lot)

Novalex Contracting Corp. /NYC Housing Partnership (L)

17 cooperative units

1,600 sq feet of retail space


316 W. 116th Street

318 W. 116th Street (vacant lot)

374 Manhattan Avenue

Harlem Infil Associates (L)

15 condominium units


246 Manhattan Avenue

2071 F. Douglass Blvd.

2103 F. Douglass Blvd.

2105 F. Douglass Blvd.

Artimus Construction Inc.

50 rental units

2,483 sq. feet of retail space


103 W. 118th Street

TNS Development Group Ltd./ Great American Construction Corp.)/Neighborhood Housing Services Community Development Corp.


11 condominium units


423 Lenox Avenue

437-39 Lenox Avenue

St. Philip’s/Shiloh HDFC (L)

25 limited-equity cooperative units

2,328 sq. feet of retail space

559 sq. feet of community space


134 W. 133rd Street

140 W. 133rd Street

142 W. 133rd Street

2228 A. C. Powell Blvd.

The Arker Companies /NYC Housing Partnership

41 limited-equity cooperative units

1,169 sq. feet of retail space


2355 F. Douglass Blvd.

2357 F. Douglass Blvd.

Galaxy General Contracting Corp.

12 rental units

2,551 sq. feet of retail space


368 St. Nicholas Avenue

370 St. Nicholas Avenue

Novalex Contracting Corp. /NYC Housing Partnership (L)


14 condominium units



115 W. 137th Street

119 W. 137th Street

117 W. 137th Street (vacant lot)

St. Philip’s/Shiloh HDFC (L)

34 limited-equity cooperative units

new five-story building on vacant lot


263-05 W. 144th Street

259-61 W. 144th Street

255 W. 144th Street

251-03 W. 144th Street

Lemle & Wolff, Inc.

63 rental units

12,000 sq. feet for day care center


202-210 W. 148th Street

214 W. 148th Street

218 W. 148th Street

HCCI/L & M Equity Participants/NYCHousing Partnership


100 limited-equity cooperative units


229-241 W. 148th Street

2792 F. Douglass Blvd. (vacant lot)

HCCI/L & M Equity Participants /BFC Partners (L)

107 rental units

new five-story building on vacant lot

1,673 sq. feet of retail space


209 W. 148th Street

211 W. 148th Street

215 W. 148th Street

HCCI/L & M Equity Participants /NYC Housing Partnership(L)

41 limited-equity cooperative units


2697 F. Douglass Blvd.

2731 F. Douglass Blvd.

308 W. 147th Street

The Richman Group of New York, LLC /Gotham Organization, Inc.

37 rental units

4,000 sq. feet of retail space


182 E. 122nd Street

City Property Management and Development,Inc.

7 rental units


870 Longwood Avenue

958 Prospect Avenue

South Bronx Overall Economic DevelopmentCorp.

30 rental units


380-02 Lewis Avenue

Bridge Street Development Corp.

8 condominium units


1350 Putnam Avenue

635 Wilson Avenue

Peter and AnnMarie Mione

17 rental units

(L) Locally Based Organization









Cathedral Parkway and West 109thStreet, at Manhattan Avenue

Artimus Construction / ColumbiaUniversity (L)

25 condominium units

87 faculty / graduate student apartments

9,500 sq. ft. of community space


First Avenue between East 100thand 101st Streets

BFC Partners / L & M EquityParticipants / Allstate Realty Associates (L)

148 units (100 rental, 48 condominium)

12,800 sq. ft. of retail space


Frederick Douglass Blvd. b/w West118th and 119th Streets

Manhattan Neighborhood Network/ CVA Ventures, LLC (L)

50+ limited-equity cooperativeunits

30,500 sq. ft. television studio space


West 118th and 119th Streets, b/wFrederick Douglass Blvd. and Manhattan Ave.

Manhattanville Partners, LLC (L)

67 total units (24 townhouses)


West 119th and 120th Streets, b/wFrederick Douglass Blvd. and Manhattan Ave.

CVA Ventures / Harlem Congregationsfor Community Improvement (L)

39 total units (13 townhouses)


Frederick Douglass Blvd. b/w West120th and 121st Streets

The Bluestone Organization

75 limited-equity cooperative units

8,600 sq. ft. retail space


West 120th and 121st Streets, b/wFrederick Douglass Blvd. and Manhattan Ave.

The Bluestone Organization

30 total units (10 townhouses)


West 127th and 128th Streets, St.Nicholas Ave. and Frederick Douglass Blvd

The Gotham Organization, Inc.

150 condominium units

20,000 sq. ft. office space

10,000 sq. ft. retail space


East 119th and 120th Streets, betweenFirst and Second Avenues

The Briarwood Organiztion / HopeCommunity, Inc. (L)

107 total units (16 3-unit townhouses,59 condominium units)


East 131st and 132nd Streets, andMadison and Park Avenues

SFDS Development Corporation (L)

179 total units in three projects(103 rental units, 41 senior rental housing units, 35 limited-equity co-opunits)


Northwest corner of West 118thStreet and St. Nicholas Avenue

Artimus Construction

42 condominium units

2,150 sq. ft. community space

(L) Locally Based Organization

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