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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
Press Room


September 18, 2000

Press Contacts: Carol Abrams (212) 863-5176
Kim Brown (212) 863-8076

Call to Building Owners:
NYC is Seeking Apartments for Section 8 Vouchers
Offering Expedited Lease Process and Financial lncentives

NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development is looking to rent apartments for displaced families who have Section 8 vouchers. For a limited time only, HPD is offering an expedited rental process and the additional incentive of a bonus equal to one and one half month's rent. Once a building owner selects an interested tenant, a lease can be signed within 3 business days.

At lease signing, the building owner will receive the first month's rent and one month rent as a security deposit. Apartment brokers will be compensated one month rent as a broker fee after lease signing. In addition, the owner will receive a bonus equal to one and one half month's rent (150% of the monthly rent). The special incentives are only being offered until the end of this calendar year to encourage a prompt response from building owners. "The speed of the leasing process and these special incentives benefit both tenants and owners," said Acting HPD Commissioner Jerilyn Perine.

The maximum rents, inclusive of utilities, are as follows:

Rents up to:

One Bdrm$836
Two Bdrm$949
Three Bdrm$1187
Four Bdrm$1330
Five Bdrm$1529
Six Bdrm$1729

All interested building owners, managers, or apartment brokers should call HPD at 212-863-5543 or fax Alan Gordon at 212-863-8577with their available apartments. Please tell us the apartment address and unit number, unit size, and instructions as to who to contact to arrange an appointment to see the apartment. Building owners may use their own leases, and HPD will provide a Section 8 addendum to be attached to the lease.

HPD is the nation's largest municipal housing preservation and development agency. A major responsibility of the agency is to encourage preservation of affordable housing through education, outreach, loan programs, and enforcement of housing quality standards.

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