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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

Housing Code Violation Data

Using HPDONLINE, you will be able to access information about individual residential buildings in the City of New York, including:

  • Violations of the City's Housing Maintenance Code and the State's Multiple Dwelling Law.  Please note that all violations which are listed are active violations.  You may see old violations that are active; until a violation is inspected by HPD or is properly certified as corrected, a violation will remain on record even though the condition may be corrected.  It is an owner’s responsibility to ensure that his/her building record reflects the actual conditions at the building.  Information on how to request violation removal can be found on HPD’s website
  • Contact information based on the last valid property registration form.
  • Charges incurred by HPD for work conducted through HPD to address emergency conditions (For actual amounts owed to the City for these repairs, contact the NYC Department of Finance
  • Work order created, which may not be completed, or for which the charges have not yet been transferred to the Department of Finance for billing.  
  • Housing litigation activity by HPD against the property.
  • I-cards (cards which reflect the legal occupancy of a building).  A building’s Certificate of Occupancy, which is available from the NYC Department of Buildings is the most accurate document about occupancy but if there is no Certificate of Occupancy, the I-card is often considered the legal document regarding occupancy.  

HPDONLINE is also the portal through which building owners and managers can:

  • eCertify the correction of open housing code violations 
  • complete a property registration form online
  • file a Certificate of Installation for carbon monoxide detectors

Click here to use HPDONLINE for building-specific information.  

The information presented through HPDONLINE includes changes to HPD's database as of two days ago. Please make allowances for processing time. HPD Building Information is not available between midnight and 3:00 AM each day while it is being updated.  You can get descriptions of terms by placing your cursor over a column heading. This is known as "bubble help." You can get definitions of terms by clicking on the "Glossary" button that appears on the upper right of every page.

If you would like to provide comments on HPDONLINE or HPD’s website, go the to the top of the HPDONLINE page and select “Email HPD” from the Services dropdown or click here 

For more information on Code Enforcement related laws and processes, please use the following links:

Obtaining a Copy of the Housing Maintenance Code

To purchase your copy of the New York City Housing Maintenance Code and the New York State Multiple Dwelling Laws contact The City Store at (212) 669-7452. You can also see the New York City Housing Maintenance Code online.     

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