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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
Residential Building Owners

Voluntary Repair Agreement (VRA) Program

HPD's Division of Neighborhood Preservation (DNP) oversees the Voluntary Repair Agreement (VRA) program for owners who want to correct conditions and remove Housing Maintenance Code violations from their buildings. Owners may call the DNP borough office in which the building is located to request a visit from a DNP building evaluator. The evaluator, working with the owner and/or his or her representative, will determine conditions which need to be addressed in the building, including outstanding violations of record. The owner then signs an agreement to correct the violations and other stated conditions within specified timeframes (three months with the possibility for one or more extensions). DNP staff then monitor progress, usually on a monthly basis. Once they have tentatively determined that the conditions have been corrected, DNP staff will contact the HPD Division of Code Enforcement, which will inspect the conditions, and if they concur with DNP's assessment, will close the violations on the Code database. Owners of buildings with limited cash flow may qualify through the VRA process to have the violations removed without the standard $300 fee.

DNP staff will also work with owners of buildings that have primarily obsolete violations (i.e., where the violations remain on the Code record but no longer exist in the building) to obtain the dismissal of those violations from the Code database without having to go through the formal VRA process. In those cases where no new violations have appeared on the building's record for at least two years, Code Enforcement may choose to reissue the violations to the owner, who can then at no charge certify within specified timeframes that the violations have been corrected so that they can be removed from the record after inspection by Code staff.

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