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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
Residential Building Owners

7A Management

Through the 7A Program, administrators are appointed by the Court (pursuant to New York State Law) to operate privately owned buildings that have been abandoned by their owners, resulting in conditions that are dangerous to the tenants' life, health and safety. The administrators act under Court Order to collect rents and use the money to provide essential services to the tenants and make necessary repairs. Experienced housing organizations, rather than individuals, are selected to provide 7A management services.

In some 7A buildings, HPD offers a limited amount of 7A Financial Assistance (7AFA) to repair or replace major systems or make other repairs. HPD monitors the activities of 7A administrators and administers the 7AFA loan program.

For additional information on the 7A Program, please call at (212) 863-7392.

Click here for Requirements to Qualify as a 7A Administrator and the 7A Administrator Application

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