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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
Residential Building Owners

Property Registration

Property Registration
For general information on the current registration for a particular building, use HPD’s HPDONLINE application.

Registration for the September 1, 2014 through August 31, 2015 period has started! Owners and property managers can use HPD’S PROPERTY REGISTRATION ONLINE SYSTEM to:

  • Create new property registration forms, whether you are an owner registering for the first time, a new managing agent for an existing property owner or a managing agent registering for a new owner
  • View information and  forms created under your ownership/management
  •  Update information for submission to HPD    

Property Registration requirements and process

Residential properties are required by law to register annually with HPD if the property has:
• Three or more residential units
• One or two residential units and neither the owner nor any family member occupies a unit

The annual registration is due by September 1st. Building registrations must also be filed whenever ownership changes or whenever the information on a valid registration changes (example, new managing agent or site management). An owner filing for the first time for a given property must submit the form with a copy of the Deed or a copy of a document that reflects ownership interest in or responsibility for the property . Owners or their agents will receive either an electronic re-registration notice and/or the re-registration form from HPD starting at the end of May and ending during July each year

A Property Registration does not become valid until both the properly completed form (including original signatures and dates) is processed by HPD and payment to the Department of Finance is received. You will receive a receipt at the business address of your managing agent from HPD if your property is validly registered; if you do not receive this receipt within 2-4 weeks of submitting your form, you can check using HPDONLINE or through your PROS account to verify whether you validly registered. HPDONLINE clearly indicates that a property is not validly registered.  Owner/agents can use the Property Registration Online System (above) to update and print the form for submission, and to link to the DOF to process payments. Instructions are also provided on the form mailed to owners. An owner is required to provide contact information about the owner or owning entity, the managing agent, the site management, the lessee (if there is one) and information about who can be contacted in the event that there is an emergency at the building. The business address for the managing agent is the address to which HPD sends all official correspondence, including re-registration forms and Notices of Violation. HPD is also requesting e-mail addresses for the managing agent and owners because e-mail notices – for example, when complaints are filed or Notices of Violation are issued or registrations are required – can be sent to these individuals.

DO NOT SEND PAYMENT FOR PROPERTY REGISTRATION TO HPD.    The $13 fee for Property Registration is billed to the property by the Department of Finance (DOF) with the Statement of Account and is due on July 1st of each year. The Statement of Account is generally sent out in June (with a July 1 due date)  to the person/organization that pays the property taxes.  The $13 fee will be clearly marked as Property Registration. If you wish to apply your payment to only the Property Registration fee, you may pay online at or visit a DOF Business Center. If you wish to mail payment, you must:

  • Always include the Borough, Block and Lot of the property (this information is on your registration form) on your check.
  • Always indicate clearly that the payment is for the Housing- Property Registration charge
  • Mail payment to:
    Department of Finance
    P.O. Box 680
    Newark, NJ 07101-0680

 Changes to the form during the course of the year will not require any additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our GENERAL FAQ provides basic information about the Property Registration Process.


The completed form, signed and dated by the agent and the property owner listed on the registration form, must be mailed to:

Department of Housing Preservation and Development
Church Street Station
PO BOX 3888
New York, N.Y. 10008-3888

Remember that payment should be mailed directly to the Department of Finance as indicated above.

I NEED A CERTIFIED COPY OF MY PROPERTY REGISTRATION. HOW CAN I OBTAIN ONE? You may request a certified copy by submitting a Request for Certified Copy form to HPD as instructed on the form. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR REQUEST FOR A CERTIFIED COPY TO HPD UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A RECEIPT INDICATING THAT YOUR REGISTRATION IS VALID FOR THE CURRENT YEAR. You may also obtain a certified copy by requesting a copy in person at 100 Gold Street, 6th Floor, Section:E, Manhattan. The cost for a certified copy is $8.

MY PROPERTY IS NOT A RESIDENTIAL BUILDING AND DOES NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION, BUT I HAVE BEEN BILLED THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE FOR PROPERTY REGISTRATION. WHAT DO I DO? If you believe that your property is not required to register but you receive a charge for Property Registration through DOF, please contact HPD at Provide the borough, property address and the current occupancy of the property in your e-mail and someone will contact you once HPD records have been updated. If you do not have e-mail, please call (212) 863-7000. If HPD determines that registration is not required, HPD will advise DOF to remove the charge if you have already been billed.

MY PROPERTY DOES NOT APPEAR ON HPDONLINE AT ALL. HOW DO I REGISTER? Please contact HPD at with the borough, address and block and lot of your property, as well as contact information for you. HPD will research the property, add the information to its database and generate a Registration Form for you.

I CONTINUE TO RECEIVE REGISTRATION NOTICES FROM HPD EVEN THOUGH I AM NO LONGER THE OWNER. WHAT CAN I DO? Owners who have sold their property but continue to be the registered party according to HPD may request that HPD invalidate their last valid Property Registration statements by properly completing and submitting (along with required documentation) an Application to Invalidate Registration.

I OWN A 1-FAMILY OR 2-FAMILY HOUSE THAT HAD BEEN REGISTERED IN THE PAST. HOWEVER. I NOW LIVE AT THE PROPERTY AND SO AM NO LONGER REQUIRED TO REGISTER. HOW DO I ADVISE HPD SO THAT I AM NO LONGER REQUIRED TO REGISTER? You should file a Private Dwelling – Not required to register form with HPD. Once HPD receives and processes the form, you will be notified that you are no longer required to register. Any outstanding payment for the current registration year will be adjusted.

I DO NOT SEE A CHARGE ON MY STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT RELATED TO PROPERTY REGISTRATION. WHY NOT?  If the fee is not billed during the July Statement cycle, you will not be required to pay until the next registration cycle.  This may happen if your property already has a credit towards registration or the property is added as required to register to HPD records after the annual bill is sent.

Registration forms

  • Property Registration: HPD will be sending annual registration forms to all properties previously registered by the end of July. Those forms will go to the business address of the managing agent currently on file. To obtain a Property Registration form if you are an existing or new owner or agent, use our Property Registration Online System , visit one of our Borough Offices or call our Registration Assistance Unit at (212) 863-7000. You must submit the form with a copy of the Deed or a copy of a document that reflects your ownership interest in or responsibility for the property if this is the first time you are registering a particular property.  
  • Application to Invalidate Registration:.Submit the “Application to Invalidate Registration” form along with proof of the transfer of the property to the HPD Registration Assistance Unit if you are no longer the owner of a property and wish to stop receiving notifications regarding that property from HPD. The Registration Assistance Unit will notify the former owner when the registration is invalidated. Once a registration is invalidated, Notices of Violation(s) will be served on the current owner by sending them to the owner at the building address, until the current owner registers. 
  • Private Dwelling – Not required to register Private dwellings (one- and two-family buildings) may or may not be required to register. If your private dwelling has registered in the past, you will receive the annual cyclical notice to register each year. However, if you or your family now reside at the property and are no longer required to register, you may file this application with HPD so that you are no longer notified about registration.
  • Request for Certified Copy : You may request a certified copy of your last valid registration by completing and submitting this form, along with proper payment, as instructed on the form.

Contact Information 

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-7000


Registration Assistance Unit location and hours of operation:

100 Gold Street, 6th floor, Section:E, New York, NY 10038

Monday through Friday, 9 am –1 pm and 2 pm-4 pm

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