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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development
Residential Building Owners

Disaster Response


Effective May 18, 2014, owners of residential dwellings where at least one unit is not occupied by the owner are required to post a temporary notice with emergency information in the common area of the building:

  • prior to the arrival of a weather emergency
  • after a natural disaster
  • after being informed that a utility outage will last for more than 24 hours.

The sign needs to be in at least 11 point type and substantially in the form provided below, meaning that all of the information provided in the sample should be on the Notice.  All contact information must be completed properly.  The owner/agent must also complete each section appropriately, indicating whether the sign is being posted for a Building Utility Outage, Emergency Evacuation Event or High Wind Event and further indicating the details related to the event. 

Such sign should be updated by the owner as needed, and removed after the weather emergency, natural disaster, or utility outage has ended.

Click here for a sample of the signage required to be posted. 

HPD also recommends the following for property owners of multiple dwellings.

  1. Check in on your tenants, especially if the tenants are elderly or have known special needs, before and after the event to see if assistance is required.
  2.  Keep a record of tenants who might need special assistance if the event affects electrical service or water provision.  NYC might have resources available after the event to provide special assistance to these individuals if they choose to shelter in place.  You can provide this information to those tenants as necessary.
  3. Have your managing agent or superintendent conduct an immediate assessment of your property post-event.  HPD and other city agencies may be contacting you by phone, email or conducting physical inspections of the property if it is in an affected area and seeking information about whether there is damage to the property.
  4. If the City does contact you by phone or email, respond quickly and appropriately so assistance can reach you or your tenants as quickly as possible or, if you do not require assistance, so that City resources can be directed properly.
  5. Ensure that the 24 hour confidential phone number listed on your property registration is accurate and will be answered before and in the aftermath of an event. Provide an email address if you have one.

Additional information on Preparedness for Homeowners and Building Owners is available from the New York City Office of Emergency Management.

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