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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

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About HPD
      Mayor's Housing Plan
      Commissioner's Message
      Office Descriptions
      Mission Statement
      Self-Guided Walking Tours
      HPD Alumni Association
      HPD Housing Conference

Language Access Plan

Apartment Seekers
      Current Housing Lotteries
      Mitchell-Lama Apartments
      Additional Resources

      Standard Specifications

      Requests for Proposals, Qualifications, and Offers
      HPD-Owned Property Development
          New Construction
      Other Government-Owned Property Development
      Housing Finance Programs
          New Construction
          Acquisition & Predevelopment
          Tax Incentive Programs
          Low Income Housing Tax Credit
      Lead Paint Law Compliance
      Equal Opportunity Package
      Labor Standards
      HUD Section 3
      Environmental Review
      Doing Business with the City
      Green Building

      Current Housing Lotteries
      Mitchell-Lama Co-ops
      Down Payment Assistance
      Homebuyers Guide
      Homebuyers Classes
      Housing Education Courses
      Homeownership Programs A-Z

      Home Rehabilitation Loans
      Selling or Refinancing HPD Sponsored Homes
      Foreclosure Prevention
      Property Tax Delinquency
      Housing Code Compliance
      Lead Paint Law Compliance
      Carbon Monoxide Law Compliance
      Housing Fairs

Job Seekers
      Job Postings
      Fellowship Program

Press Room & Reports
      Housing Code Violation Data
      Housing Vacancy Survey
      HPD Statistics
      Housing Links
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Residential Building Owners
      Housing Code Compliance
      Proactive Preservation Initiative
      Financial and Managerial Advice
      Property Tax Delinquency
      eCertification of Violations
      Property Registration

Residential Tenants
      Apartment Maintenance Problems
      Rights and Responsibilities
      Housing Code Violations and Registration Information
      Tenants in Privately Owned Buildings
      Bed Bugs
      Tenants in HPD-Owned Buildings

Section 8
      Information for Landlords
      Information for Tenants

      Doing Business With HPD
      Training and Business Opportunities
      Commercial Leasing in HPD Properties

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