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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

Third Party Transfer Program

In the past, the City's real property tax policy resulted in long-term City ownership and management of large numbers of tax delinquent residential properties. Not only did the policy fail to address the underlying reasons for tax delinquency and abandonment, but the City was unable to quickly resell the properties to responsible private owners.

In 1996, in an effort to more effectively link property tax enforcement and housing preservation policies, the City obtained legislative changes that have altered the process by which the City forecloses on tax delinquent properties.

  • Local Law #26 of 1996 now permits the Commissioner of Finance to sell the tax liens of properties which have tax arrears, but are not distressed;

  • For distressed and other buildings, under Local Law #37 of 1996, DOF can initiate an in rem foreclosure proceeding that will require the owner to pay his or her taxes or face the loss of his or her property;

  • If the taxes are not paid, the City can convey a tax delinquent residential property to a qualified third party after a Court-rendered in rem judgment.

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-5447

Supplementary Materials:


  • HPD invites qualified individuals and organizations to submit descriptions of their qualifications to acquire, rehabilitate and manage residential properties through HPD's Third Party Transfer Program. Read more about this Request for Qualifications.



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