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NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

Labor Standards

Labor Standards is a general term for a group of federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding such issues as health and safety standards, the minimum wage hours of work, overtime, child labor, record keeping and prevailing wages. The Labor Standards Unit (LSU) monitors agency (HPD) projects for compliance with the Labor Standards and Equal Opportunity Provisions, including Federal (Davis-Bacon) and City and State (Section 220, 230) wages.

LSU investigators conduct site visits to gather data on wages, hours of work and other employment conditions. Staff reviews payrolls, investigate complaints, and make referrals to the Comptroller's Office and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Recently the Division instituted a procedure prohibiting contractors from bidding new contract(s) if prior underpayments are outstanding. This policy has assisted in the contractor being more responsive in resolving their issues.

Contact the Labor Standards Unit for information relating to Equal Opportunity Documents, Labor Standards, wage rates, or to file a complaint.

PHONE NUMBER: (212) 863-7137

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